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Paper: SciServer: a collaborative workspace for data analysis, sharing and storage in the cloudResource Access Control in SciServer
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 347
Authors: Lemson, G.; Rippin, M.; Taghizadeh-Popp, M.; Kim, J. W.
Abstract: RACM is the resource access control management component of SciServer (, a system for providing advanced analysis capabilities to large astronomical and other scientific data sets. RACM uses a flexible data model for representing who is allowed to do which actions on a particular resource. RACM supports the registration of resources according to particular "resource types", with corresponding actions and roles (groups of actions). Examples of such resource types are databases, schemas and tables; folders and volumes; docker containers and docker images. The system is accessible through a simple REST API and allows the creation of custom resource types, thus allowing external systems to use RACM as a module for the implementation of their own particular access rules. RACM supports the definition of user groups, one of which, "public", allows resources to be made available to all users of the system. To simplify the assignment of privileges and roles, and to support collaborative projects, RACM supports a Workspace concept. In a Workspace user groups can share access to many types of resources through an intuitive UI allowing simple drag and drop of resources as well as users. In this poster we focus on the details of the data model with illustrations how the model concepts are represented through UI components to the user.
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