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Paper: Divulgation Design for the Chilean Virtual Observatory
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 25
Authors: Ramirez, M.; Solar, M.
Abstract: Chile is a world power in astronomical observation, offering the clearest view of the night sky here on earth. By the year 2020 it is roughly estimated that 70% of all worldly observations will be concentrated in the northern region of Chile, due to a series of projects to be implemented by many astronomical observatories. It has been determined that these future projects (in 2020) will generate close to 60 Petabytes ((6x1015) Bytes), an amount which will require a large supply of expensive storage devices. This new-found need warrants the first Chilean Virtual Observatory (ChiVO); an international effort that will offer digital integration of data, tools and astronomical services to the global community, facilitating the investigations of astronomers around the world through a platform supporting unified and transparent access to different servers with astronomical data. It is therefore why the need exists to elaborate a dissemination plan for the Chilean Virtual Observatory. The aforementioned plan has been divided into three main sections; recommendations after its trial of use. Additionally, the users have been classified according to their need to access ChiVO.
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