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Paper: SciServer: a Collaborative Workspace for Data Analysis, Sharing and Storage in the Cloud
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 279
Authors: Taghizadeh-Popp, M.; Lemson, G.; Kim, J.; Rippin, M.; Raddick, J.
Abstract: SciServer consists of online tools and services that provide a common workspace for science teams and educators, allowing data hosting and sharing, computational analysis co-located with large datasets, and the querying of databases holding scientific data. The SciServer-Compute tool allows users to run interactive Jupyter Notebooks in Python, R or Matlab for data analysis within their own Docker Containers. SciServer now gives the users an API and UI for submitting parametrized Jupyter Notebooks as batch jobs that run inside dedicated Docker Containers. The SciServer-Dashboard encapsulates a resource and access control management system, helping users create workgroups, invite team members, register and share files and resources, and assign user privileges on those. Users can now create sharable folders in SciServer-Compute, which can be used for sharing private data with the team for direct analysis in notebooks, or supporting new teaching courseware and classroom activities, among others. The Dashboard also acts as a hub and aggregator of user activities in other SciServer tools. All tools expose REST APIs, which can be queried by our SciScript libraries to create a flexible data transfer to the notebooks.
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