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Paper: The High Level Data Reduction Library
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 631
Authors: Gabasch, A.; Modigliani, A.; Salmistraro, M.; Escartin, J. A.; Neeser, M. J.; Moehler, S.; Freudling, W.
Abstract: The European Southern Observatory (ESO) provides pipelines to reduce data for most of the Very Large Telescopes (VLT) instruments. In order to reduce the cost of development, verification, and maintenance of ESO pipelines, and at the same time to improve the scientific quality of pipelines data products, ESO has decided to develop a limited set of versatile high-level scientific functions that are to be used in all future pipelines. These routines are provided by the High-level Data Reduction Library (HDRL). Currently HDRL implements algorithms for over- and pre-scan computation and correction, frame stacking, detection of bad pixels and cosmic rays, Strehl ratio computation, master-fringe computation and correction, object detection and catalogue generation, spectral response and efficiency computation, differential atmospheric refraction correction, and effective airmass calculation. HDRL adopts consistent function naming conventions, a well-defined API, error propagation, pixel quality information, and employs OpenMP to take advantage of multi-core processors. All HDRL routines are verified with extensive unit and regression tests and, together with a detailed user manual, distributed to the pipeline developers of the various instrument consortia.
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