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Paper: Agile Development of Science Operations:
The Solar Orbiter Experience
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 335
Authors: Garcia-Reinaldos, M.; Marcos, J.; Sánchez, L.
Abstract: Cost and schedule are very rigid external constraints for the development of a Science Operations Centre (SOC), as typically the SOC is not considered a critical item for launch and cost and schedule depend on the overall project. Therefore, the greatest degree of flexibility in SOC development is the scope: while we aim to satisfy all the high level requirements in a timely manner while staying within resources, we strive to do so in the most efficient way. The agile/adaptive methodologies are complex to implement, in particular within a larger project using a waterfall approach for overall management. Implementing an agile methodology for the development of a SOC is a learning process. This poster describes our experience so far, highlighting what is working well and what are the more challenging aspects we are facing.
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