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Paper: High Performance Astronomical Data Analysis towards Exascale
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 49
Authors: Taffoni, G.; Goz, D.; Tornatore, L.; Frailis, M.; Maggio, G.; Pasian, F.
Abstract: To date, most data-intensive HPC jobs in the government, academic and industrial sectors have involved the modelling and simulation of complex physical systems. In more recent times, the scientific data explosion is fuelling the growth of a new trend in HPC: high performance data analysis (HPDA). Some scientific disciplines (e.g. bioscience, weather and climate, security) are exploring the possibilities of HPDA to promote new insight, identifying some problems related to the nature of current HPC systems. In the design and development of the Exascale supercomputing facilities, HPDA is playing a crucial role. In this paper we will present the work done in the ExaNeSt and EuroExa EU-funded projects to build a prototype of a low power Exascale facility able to facilitate the astrophysical community in using HPC resources for data analysis and simulations.
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