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Paper: Using JSON Schemes in a Microservice Context for the SVOM Mission
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 599
Authors: Michel, L.; Formica, A.; Févre, J. L.; Meesen, C.; Zurbach, C.
Abstract: The French part of the ground segment of the Chinese-French variable object monitor SVOM, to be launched in 2021, is developed by a consortium of academic institutions. The architecture is based on a set of independent modules, running in Docker containers and communicating with each other through either REST APIs or messaging services. Both development and support, done in continuous integration mode, will run over the whole mission (2028) and we have to make sure the tools we are using will remain available over this period. We are presenting a design framework for the inter-service communication, where REST APIs and message exchanges, both based on JSON components, are described via OpenAPI specifications and validated by JSON schemes. Using JSON schemes and OpenAPI to provide the documentation, a certain amount of libraries can be automatically generated using appropriate tools (e.g. Swagger); this is the case for example for REST API client libraries or even server stubs. This framework ensures the separation between the message formats, validated by the continuous integration engine, and both languages and tools used to implement the services.
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