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Paper: The Data Lab Discovery Tools
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 153
Authors: Huang, W.; Olsen, K.; Fitzpatrick, M.; Norris, P.
Abstract: The NOAO Data Lab aims to enable efficient exploration and analysis of the large datasets now being generated by instruments on NOAO and other wide-field telescopes. To meet this goal, we have developed the Data Lab Discovery Tools to consolidate data that are generated from different sources and provide a gateway to the data services provided by Data Lab infrastructure (Fitzpatrick et al. (2015)). By taking advantage of the Data Lab's Storage and Query managers, both of which are based on Virtual Observatory (VO) protocols, the Discovery Tools enable users to interactively explore and query the database as well as save data to personal (disk and database) virtual storage located close to Data Lab compute and data services. As such, neither software installation nor hardware disk space are required from the users' perspective. The Data Lab Discovery Tools are available on
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