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Paper: Tracking Integration Status: Integration Trackers and the ALMA Dashboard
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 211
Authors: Plarre, K.; Hales, A.
Abstract: The ALMA Observatory is a complex system shared by several groups - astronomers, engineers, array operators, planners - which makes keeping track of the current operational status non-trivial. Yet, knowledge of the status of the system is essential for decision making. For example, astronomers and operators need to know which antennas are operational and can be used for science observations. The ALMA Dashboard is an application developed to provide a quick access of the operational status of the system, in tabular and graphical form. The ALMA Dashboard reads automatically information from other ALMA applications. In this poster, besides introducing the ALMA Dashboard, we focus on one of such applications, the “Integration Tracker,” which determines if antennas are ready to perform correctly after their relocation. We also present the“Frontend Swap Tracker,” which provides the integration status after an antenna frontend has been replaced.
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