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Paper: Design, Build and Test of the VOEvent Network for the SVOM Chinese Ground Segment
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 299
Authors: Zhang, M.; Huang, M.; Wu, C.; Cui, C.
Abstract: We briefly introduce the current status of design, build and test of our VOEvent network prototype for the SVOM Chinese Ground Segment based on VTP and XMPP transmission protocol. VTP is used to build a decentralized, fast and reliable network, while XMPP is used to automatically forward alert messages to science teams who are grouped to act as Burst Advocates. Using this prototype, we performed an auto-observation between Chinese Science Center (CSC) and our Xinglong Ground Follow-up Telescopes (GFT). The observation loop started from triggering, followed by GFT conducting observations and data reductions on-site, and ended with CSC archiving data into database.
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