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Paper: cleanest: Useful Legacy Code for Cosmic Ray Removal
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 723
Authors: Cardiel, N.
Abstract: Useful astronomical software tools can be easily ignored if they were created a few decades ago and using programming languages considered by many people as outdated. A particular example is cleanest, a Fortran 77 utility specially written to handle the semi-automatic removal of cosmic rays. This particular tool was the initial seed that led to the creation of REDUCEME, a data reduction package specially devoted to the reduction and analysis of long-slit spectroscopic data. Unfortunately, and due to historical reasons, this package evolved handling images stored as unformatted Fortran files instead of using conventional FITS format files, which is a clear disadvantage nowadays. Since cleanest is probably the REDUCEME utility most demanded by the small group of astronomers aware of the existence of that reduction package, a stand-alone version of this program, working directly with FITS files, has been created.
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