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Paper: A Quarter-century (Almost) of Spectra from FAST
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 655
Authors: Mink, J.; Rhee, J.; Moran, S.; Brown, W.
Abstract: Since January 1994, the FAST Spectrograph on the 1.5-meter Tillinghast Reflector on Mt. Hopkins in Arizona has taken over 180,000 object spectra on almost every clear night when the moon isn't up. Over 150,000 of those spectra of galaxies, stars, and even a few solar system objects, processed through a very slowly evolving pipeline and individually checked, are searchable and available online. We have expanded the pipeline's capabilities and are processing data in configurations that were left to the PI's to process in the past and metadata is being updated for consistency among the spectra. We are in the process of releasing them in a VO-compatible archive. The current version of the data reduction pipeline is described and spectral characteristics of the archived data are summarized.
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