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Paper: PDS4 LDDTool — Gateway to Information Modeling
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 719
Authors: Raugh, A. C.; Hughes, J. S.
Abstract: One of the primary goals of the new PDS4 standards development process was to provide a means for those preparing data for archiving to define their own context-specific metadata without requiring (or enduring) micro-management by the Planetary Data System (PDS). The PDS4 Information Model (IM), defined using a model-driven methodology, was therefore designed to be extensible not just by the PDS, but by data developers. The tool that puts the power of the model-driven design principles in the hands of data preparers and ensures programmatic and logical consistency of their model extension with the PDS4 core IM, is LDDTool. We describe the role of LDDTool as the interface for creating and submitting extensions to the PDS4 IM.
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