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Paper: The Geographically Distributed Hybrid Cloud Computing Framework in China-VO
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 291
Authors: Li, C.; Cui, C.; Xu, Y.; He, B.; Fan, D.; Mi, L.; Li, S.; Yang, S.; Han, J.; Chen, J.; Zhang, H.; Yu, C.; Xiao, J.; Liu, L.; Chen, X.
Abstract: Astronomy cloud computing environment is a cyber-Infrastructure for Astronomy Research initiated by Chinese Virtual Observatory (China-VO) under funding support from NDRC (Nation-al Development and Reform commission) and CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences). After five years of continuous development and upgrading, a scalable multi-node distributed hybrid cloud computing environment had built. Through the standard cloud node components, we can integrate the local computing and storage resources to setup a new private cloud node. Moreover, the Ali public cloud resource can be integrated too. Ali cloud has a global distribution of computing capacity, will provide great support and help for astronomical research. This article will detail the strategy and system architecture of resource integration.
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