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Paper: Provenance as a Requirement for Large-scale Complex Astronomical Instruments
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 199
Authors: Servillat, M.; Boisson, C.; Lefaucheur, J.; Kosack, K.; Sanguillon, M.; Louys, M.; Bonnarel, F.
Abstract: We developed several pieces of software to enable the tracking of provenance information for the large-scale complex astronomical observatory CTA, the Che-renkov Telescope Array. Such major facilities produce data that will be publicly released to a large community of scientists. There are thus strong requirements to ensure data quality, reliability and trustworthiness. Among those requirements, traceability and reproducibility of the data products have to be included in the development of large projects. Those requirements can be answered by structuring and storing the provenance information for each data product. We followed the Provenance data model, currently discussed at the IVOA, and implemented solutions to collect provenance information during the CTA data processing and the execution of jobs on a work cluster.
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