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Paper: CASSIS, a Complete Spectral VO-Tool Package
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 239
Authors: Caux, E.; Boiziot, M.; Bottinelli, S.; Glorian, J.; Kovac, B.; Vastel, C.
Abstract: CASSIS (Centre d'Analyse Scientifique de Spectres Instrumentaux et Synthétiques) is a complete standalone VO-Tool software package aimed at speeding-up the scientific analysis of high spectral resolution data. To be easily used on any computer, CASSIS is written in Java and has been extensively tested on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows operating systems. CASSIS is freely distributed, regularly enhanced, and easily installed and updated. CASSIS is organised in modules, some of them being described here; please browse the CASSIS web site ( to discover all CASSIS capabilities.
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