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Paper: Community-oriented Programming in Astronomy: Astropy as a Case Study
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 491
Authors: Tollerud, E. J.
Abstract: Both science and industry have seen a recent major change in how open source software is developed: the advent of and widespread adoption of internet-based code repositories (most notably Github). At the same time, software has become even more indispensable for Astronomy, both as a product (i.e. developed by engineers) and a part of the field itself (i.e., written by astronomers). I will describe how these trends led to the creation and development of the Astropy Project, the organization developing primary open-source library for astronomy in Python. I will describe Astropy's community-developed model and how it has guided the efforts of over 200 geographically widespread developers into a coherent set of open-source libraries. I will also discuss future prospects for adapting relevant parts of this model to more specific astronomy domains, observatories, or missions.
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