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Paper: Monitoring S2 Flux in Search of Potential Bow-shocks to Determine the Ambient Medium Density Profile
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 99
Authors: Hosseini, S. E.; Zajaček, M.; Eckart, A.; Sabha, N. B.
Abstract: The S2 star is currently well-monitored by the Very-Large-Telescope Interferometer GRAVITY, as well as the NIR-imager NACO and SINFONI@VLT. An increase in the ambient gas-and-dust density along the highly eccentric orbit of S2 is expected to lead to a larger local extinction around S2 and hence to a change in the NIR magnitude and corresponding colour indices. We considered here in particular the NIR L'-band emission of S2, which can trace such a change as S2 moves through the accretion flow of different gas and dust density. In addition, a potential formation of a stellar bow-shock associated with S2 and ambient shock can be used to constrain the density as well as the slope of the gas-and-dust density distribution.
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