Title: New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Volume: 528 Year: 2020 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Masato Tsuboi and Tomoharu Oka
21—24 October, 2019
The term “Galactic Center” refers to the central few hundred parsecs of our Milky Way Galaxy. This special area of our Galaxy contains various energetic phenomena surrounding our central supermassive black hole that also occur in the nuclear regions of many other distant galaxies. Galactic Center astronomy is crucial to understanding more distant galaxies, and is now being revolutionized by the amazing data obtained with new observatories and instruments. The “Galactic Center Workshop 2019 - New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond” conference was held at Keio University, Yokohama, during 21-24 October, 2019. These proceedings summarize the state-of-the-art knowledge of the Galactic Center as presented at that meeting.
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Front Matter 1
Session I. Reviews   
Diffuse X-Ray Sky in the Galactic Center 3 Koyama, K.
Star Formation and Gas Dynamics of the Central Molecular Zone 19 Krumholz, M. R.
Chemistry in Galactic Centers 33 Harada, N.
Session II. Properties and Dynamics in the Central Molecular Zone   
The Motion and Distribution of Warm Diffuse Gas in the Central Molecular Zone as Revealed by Spectra of H3+ 45 Geballe, T. R.
The Geometry of the Gas Surrounding the Central Molecular Zone: On the Origin of Localised Molecular Clouds With Extreme Velocity Dispersions 51 Sormani, M. C.
Gas Flows Toward the Central Molecular Zone 57 Ott, J.; Meier, D. S.; Gramze, S.; Candelaria, T.; team SWAG
A Radio Polarimetric Study of the Galactic Center Radio Arc: Characterizing Rotation Measure and Magnetic Field Distributions 61 Paré, D. M.; Lang, C. C.; Morris, M. R.; Moore, H.; Mao, S. A.
Gas Flows in Galactic Centre Environments: Cloud Evolution and Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone 67 Petkova, M. A.; Diederik Kruijssen, J. M.
How Maser Observations Unravel the Gas Motions in the Galactic Center 71 Immer, K.; Reid, M. J.; Brunthaler, A.; Menten, K. M.; Zhang, Q.; Lu, X.; Mills, E. A. C.; Ginsburg, A.; Henshaw, J.; Longmore, S.; Kruijssen, D.; Pillai, T.
Detection of Another Molecular Bubble in the Galactic Center 75 Tsujimoto, S.; Oka, T.; Takekawa, S.; Yamada, M.; Tokuyama, S.; Iwata, Y.; Roll, J. A.
Hard X-ray Non-thermal Emission of the Arches Cluster Complex Observed in 2015–2016 With NuSTAR and XMM–Newton 79 Kuznetsova, E.; Krivonos, R.
Search for Broad-velocity-width Molecular Features in the Galactic Plane 81 Yokozuka, H.; Oka, T.; Takekawa, S.; Iwata, Y.; Tsujimoto, S.; Watanabe, Y.
Automated Identification of High Velocity Compact Clouds in the Central Molecular Zone 85 Uruno, A.; Oka, T.; Takekawa, S.; Iwata, Y.; Tsujimoto, S.; Kanno, S.; Nakagawara, R.; Yokozuka, H.; Watanabe, Y.
Spectral Line Survey Toward the Energetic HVCC CO 0.02–0.02 89 Nakagawara, R.; Oka, T.; Iwata, Y.; Tsujimoto, S.; Roll, J. A.; Kanno, S.; Uruno, A.; Yokozuka, H.; Watanabe, Y.; Takekawa, S.
High Spatial Resolution Imaging of the NGC 253 Nuclear Starburst 91 Nakanishi, K.
The Role of the Magnetic Activity in the Galactic Center Region With Thermal Effect 93 Kakiuchi, K.; Suzuki, T. K.; Inoue, T.
Peculiar Group of High-velocity Compact Clouds Near the Sagittarius B Cloud Complex 95 Watanabe, Y.; Oka, T.; Takekawa, S.; Tsujimoto, S.; Iwata, Y.; Kanno, S.; Yokozuka, H.; Uruno, A.; Nakagawara, R.
Monitoring S2 Flux in Search of Potential Bow-shocks to Determine the Ambient Medium Density Profile 99 Hosseini, S. E.; Zajaček, M.; Eckart, A.; Sabha, N. B.
Discovery of a High-Velocity Compact Cloud With Very High CO J=3–2/J=1–0 Ratio 103 Kanno, S.; Oka, T.; 1; Tsujimoto, 2. S.; Iwata, Y.; Takekawa, S.
Parallax and Proper Motions Measurement of 22 GHz Water Maser Sources Toward the CMZ With VLBI Astrometric Observations 107 Sakai, D.; Oyama, T.; Nagayama, T.; Honma, M.; Kobayashi, H.
A New Look at the High-velocity Compact Cloud CO 0.02–0.02 109 Iwata, Y.; Oka, T.; 1; Takekawa, 2. S.; Nakagawara, R.; Tsujimoto, S.; Roll, J. A.
Large Scale Mapping of the Central Molecular Zone: C+ and CO Emission 111 Riquelme, D.; Güsten, R.; Harris, A.; Requena-Torres, M.
Heating Molecular Gas in the CMZ 113 Candelaria, T. M.; Meier, D. S.; Ott, J.; Mills, E. A. C.
The Proper Motion of Sgr A* With Upgrade-VERA 115 Oyama, T.; Nagayama, T.; Sakai, D.; Yamauchi, A.
From Simulations to Observations: Line Emission Maps of the Star-forming Clouds in the Central Molecular Zone 117 Petkova, M. A.; Diederik Kruijssen, J. M.
A High Spectral Resolution View of the Central Parsec 121 Moultaka, J.; Eckart, A.; Tikare, K.; Bajat, A.
A Population of Compact Radio Sources at the Galactic Center 125 Zhao, J.-H.; Morris, M. R.; Goss, W. M.
A 50-pc Molecular Ring That Encircles the Brightest Region of Diffuse X-ray Emission — Physical Association or Just a Coincidence? 127 Hasegawa, T.; Oka, T.; Takekawa, S.
Variable Water Maser Emission from the CMZ of the Circinus Galaxy and NGC 4945 131 Hagiwara, Y.; Horiuchi, S.; Edwards, P. G.
Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of the Formation of Eruptive Magnetic Flux Ropes and Molecular Loops in the Galactic Center 135 Tomiyoshi, T.; Matsumoto, R.
Session III. Evolution of the Galactic Nucleus   
Observations of the X-ray Source Population in the Galactic Center 139 Krivonos, R.; Hailey, C.; Mori, K.; Bauer, F.; Berkowitz, M.; Hong, J.; Hord, B.; Mandel, S.; Schutt, Y.
Intermediate-mass Black Hole Candidates in the Galactic Center 149 Takekawa, S.; Oka, T.; Iwata, Y.; Tsujimoto, S.; Nomura, M.
Ionized Gas Ring Rotating Around the Galactic Center IMBH, IRS13E3 155 Tsuboi, M.; Kitamura, Y.; Tsutsumi, T.; Miyawaki, R.; Miyoshi, M.; Miyazaki, A.
Intermediate Mass Black Holes Orbiting Around SgrA* 159 Arca Sedda, M.
Galactic Center Archeology Through the Exploration of the Nuclear Bulge by Small-JASMINE 163 Gouda, N.; JASMINE team
Extreme Young Star Clusters With MAORY+MICADO at the ELT: The Arches Cluster 167 Sabha, N. B.; Mapelli, M.; Fiorentino, G.; Spera, M.; Bellazzini, M.; Schreiber, L.
A Search for Compact Radio Sources Toward the Center of the Galaxy 171 Sukehiro, S.; Fujisawa, K.; Yonekura, Y.
A Lower Limit to the Mass of an IMBH Candidate in the Galactic Center 175 Ballone, A.; Mapelli, M.; Pasquato, M.
Origin of the X-ray Excess in the Galactic Centre 179 Panamarev, T.; Just, A.; Spurzem, R.; Arca Sedda, M.; Berczik, P.; Wang, L.
Statistical Search for a Cusp in the GC Nuclear Star Cluster 181 Sakai, S.; Martinez, G.; Chappell, S.; Ghez, A.; Do, T.
Discovery of Molecular Loops in NGC 253 183 Konishi, R.; Muraoka, K.; Onishi, T.; Tokuda, K.; Enokiya, R.; Fukui, Y.
Session IV. Accretion and Feedback in the Galactic Center   
Interpreting Low-Luminosity Accretion From the Extended Quiescent Emission of Sgr A* 189 Corrales, L.
Dynamics of Streamers Towards the Circumnuclear Disk: On-going Mass Accretion 197 Hsieh, P.-Y.
A Detection of Sgr A* in the Far Infrared 203 von Fellenberg, S. D.; Gillessen, S.; Graciá-Carpio, J.; Fritz, T. K.; Dexter, J.; Bauböck, M.; Ponti, G.; Gao, F.; Habibi, M.; Plewa, P. M.; Pfuhl, O.; Jimenez-Rosales, A.; Waisberg, I.; Widmann, F.; Ott, T.; Eisenhauer, F.; Genzel, R.
Cosmic-ray Particles in the Galactic Center: Blowing in the Wind 207 Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Wardle, M.; Heywood, I.; Cotton, W.; Royster, M.
Flaring in the Heart of the Milky Way: X-ray and Infrared Variability of Sgr A* from Chandra and Spitzer 211 Boyce, H.; Haggard, D.; Witzel, G.; Willner, S. P.; Neilsen, J.; Hora, J. L.; Markoff, S.; Ponti, G.; Baganoff, F.; Becklin, E.; Fazio, G.; Lowrance, P.; Morris, M.; Smith, H. A.
A Population of G-objects in the Central Arcsecond 215 Ciurlo, A.; Campbell, R. D.; Morris, M. R.; Do, T.; Ghez, A. M.; Hees, A.; Sitarski, B. N.; O'Neil, K. K.; Chu, D. S.; Martinez, G. D.; Naoz, S.; Stephan, A. P.
Formation of the Circumnuclear Disc and the Nearby Molecular Clouds 219 Ballone, A.; Mapelli, M.; Trani, A. A.
The Role of Interacting Stellar Winds Feeding Sagittarius A* 221 Calderón, D.; Cuadra, J.; Schartmann, M.; Burkert, A.; Russell C. M. P.
Time Variations of the Sgr A* Flux at 230 GHz With ALMA 223 Iwata, Y.; Oka, T.; Miyoshi, M.; Tsuboi, M.; Takekawa, S.
Reconstructing the Past Light Curve of Sgr A* With X-ray Echoes 227 Chuard, D.; Terrier, R.; Goldwurm, A.; Clavel, M.; Soldi, S.; Morris, M. R.; Ponti, G.
90 Winds, Some X-rays, and Sgr A* Walk Into VR... 229 Russell, C. M. P.; Luco, B.; Sepulveda, M.; Cuadra, J.; Calderón, D.; Wang, Q. D.
Molecular Gas Forming Around a Wolf-Rayet Star at the Galactic Center? 231 Ciurlo, A.; Morris, M. R.; Do, T.; Ghez, A. M.
Consistency of the Infrared Variability of SGR A* over 22yr 233 Chen, Z.; Gallego-Cano, E.; Do, T.; Witzel, G.; Ghez, A. M.; Schödel, R.; Sitarski, B. N.; Becklin, E. E.; Lu, J.; Morris, M. R.; Dehghanfar, A.; Gautam, A. K.; Hees, A.; Hosek Jr., M. W.; Jia, S.; Mangian, A. C.; Matthews, K.
Keck LGSAO Observations of X7, an Extended Evolving Object Near Sgr A* 235 Campbell, R.; Ciurlo, A.; Morris, M. R.; Do, T.; Ghez, A.
Session V. Testing General Relativity with Sgr A*   
General Relativistic Effects Around the Galactic Center Black Hole 239 Abuter, R.; Amorim, A.; Bauböck, M.; Berger, J. P.; Bonnet, H.; Brandner, W.; Clénet, Y.; Foresto, V. C. d.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; Dexter, J.; Duvert, G.; Eckart, A.; Eisenhauer, F.; Schreiber, N. M. F.; Garcia, P.; Gao, F.; Gendron, E.; Genzel, R.; Gerhard, O.; Gillessen, S.; Habibi, M.; Haubois, X.; Henning, T.; Hippler, S.; Horrobin, M.; Jiménez-Rosales, A.; Jocou, L.; Kervella, P.; Lacour, S.; Lapeyrére, V.; Bouquin, J. L.; Léna, P.; Ott, T.; Paumard, T.; Perraut, K.; Perrin, G.; Pfuhl, O.; Rabien, S.; Coira, G. R.; Rousset, G.; Scheithauer, S.; Sternberg, A.; Straub, O.; Straubmeier, C.; Sturm, E.; Tacconi, L. J.; Vincent, F.; Fellenberg, S. v.; Waisberg, I.; Widmann, F.; Wieprecht, E.; Wiezorrek, E.; Woillez, J.; Yazici, S.; GRAVITY collaboration
Testing Fundamental Physics With Stellar Orbits at the Galactic Center 249 Do, T.; Hees, A.; Ghez, A.; Martinez, G. D.; Chu, D. S.; Jia, S.; Sakai, S.; Lu, J. R.; Gautam, A. K.; O'Neil, K. K.; Becklin, E. E.; Morris, M. R.; Matthews, K.; Nishiyama, S.; Campbell, R.; Chappell, S.; Chen, Z.; Ciurlo, A.; Witzel, A.; Gallego-Cano, E.; Kerzendorf, W. E.; Lyke, J. E.; Naoz, S.; Saida, H.; Schödel, R.; Takahashi, M.; Takamori, Y.; Witzel, G.; Wizinowich, P.; Roberts, B. M.
Testing Theories of Gravity via Black Hole Shadows in Sgr A* 255 Mizuno, Y.; Younsi, Z.; Fromm, C. M.; Porth, O.; De Laurentis, M.; Olivares, H.; Falcke, H.; Kramer, M.; Rezzolla, L.
Short Time Scale Variation in the Sub-millimeter Flux of Sgr A* 259 Miyoshi, M.; Asaki, Y.; Tsuboi, M.; Uehara, K.; Oka, T.; Iwata, Y.; Takahashi, M.; Ishitsuka, J.; Tsutsumi, T.; Miyazaki, A.; Matsumoto, R.
Modeling Incomplete Orbits as Gaussian Processes 263 Martinez, G. D.
Detecting General Relativistic Effect of a Star Orbiting Sgr Aast Using Subaru Telescope 265 Saida, H.; Nishiyama, S.; members of Subaru Proposals
Session VI. Star Formation in the Galactic Center   
Star Formation in The Galactic Disk and The Galactic Center 271 Inutsuka, S.
Evidence for the Major Cloud-Cloud Collisions in the Central Molecular Zone 279 Enokiya, R.; Fukui, Y.
The Interaction Between the Arches Cluster and the Arched-Filaments in the Galactic Center 283 García, P.; Abel, N.; Rölig, M.; Simon, R.; Stutzki, J.
The Extraordinarily Variable Star Formation History of the Nuclear Disc of the Milky Way 287 Nogueras-Lara, F.; Schödel, R.
Birth of a Super Stellar Cluster in the Star-forming Complex Sgr B2(N) 291 Schwörer, A.; Sánchez-Monge, Á.; Schilke, P.
Twins at Heart: The Centres of M83 and the Milky Way as Opposite Extremes of a Common Star Formation Cycle 295 Callanan, D.; Longmore, S. N.
Unveiling the Hidden Star Formation in the Galactic Centre Dust Ridge with the SMA and ALMA 299 Walker, D.
Massive Cluster Formation and Feedback Within the Galactic Centre 303 Barnes, A. T.; Longmore, S. N.; Bigiel, F.
A Multi-Species Multi-Wavelength View of the Sgr A Complex 309 García, P.; Steinke, M.; Simon, R; Stutzki, J.
The 3D Positions of Gas and Dust Clouds in the Galactic Centre 311 Ordenes-Huanca, C.; Cuadra, J.; Wang, D.
ALMA Astrometry of the IR Stars in the Vicinity of Sgr Aast 315 Tsuboi, M.; Kitamura, Y.; Tsutsumi, T.; Miyawaki, R.; Miyoshi, M.; Miyazaki, A.
Sagittarius B2: Understanding the Mix of Thermal and Non-thermal Emission 317 Meng, F.; Sánchez-Monge, Á.; Schilke, P.; Veena, V. S.
New Analysis of Magnetic Field Using Gaia DR2 Catalog and Cepheids in the Galactic Plane 319 Zenko, T.; Nagata, T.; Kurita, M.; Kino, M.; Nishiyama, S.; Matsunaga, N.; Nakajima, Y.
Constraining the Binarity of the S-stars Orbiting the Central Supermassive Black Hole Using Radial Velocities 321 Chu, D. S.; Do, T.; Ghez, A.; Hees, A.; Ciurlo, A.; Gautam, A. K.; O'neil, K. K.; Hosek Jr., M. W.; Chen, Z.; Sakai, S.; Lu, J. R.; Bentley, R.
2 – 4 μm Spectroscopy of Red Point Sources in the Galactic Center 325 Jang, D.; An, D.; Sellgren, K.; Ramírez, S. V.; Boogert, A. C. A.; Geballe, T. R.
Spatially-resolved Measurement of Hydrogen Volume Density in the Central Molecular Zone of the Milky Way 329 Tanaka, K.
Star Formation in the Inner Bulges of Milky Way-like Galaxies with Gas Replenishment 331 Park, S.-M.; Kim, S. S.; Shin, J.; Chun, K.
Rings and Star Formation in Central Regions of Simulated Barred-spiral Galaxies 335 Seo, W.-Y.; Kim, W.-T..
High Resolution Ionized Gas Kinematics in CMZ Clouds 337 Butterfield, N.; Lang, C.; Ginsburg, A.; Barnes, A.; Dunnagan, R.
Young Massive Clusters at the Galactic Center: The Initial Mass Function 339 Hosek Jr., M. W.; Lu, J. R.; Rui, N. Z.; Anderson, J.; Najarro, F.; Ghez, A. M.; Morris, M. R.; Clarkson, W. I.; Albers, S. M.
Investigation for Evidence and Impacts of Cloud-Cloud Collisions in the Galactic Center I: Common Foot Point of Molecular Loops 1 and 2 343 Enokiya, R.; Torii, K.; Matsunaga, K.; Fukui, Y.
Investigation for Evidence and Impacts of Cloud-Cloud Collisions in the Galactic Center II: Active Star Forming Regions in the Central Molecular Zone 345 Enokiya, R.; Matsunaga, K.; Fukui, Y.
Investigation for Evidence and Impacts of Cloud-Cloud Collisions in the Galactic Center III: The l=1.°3 Complex 349 Matsunaga, K.; Enokiya, R.; Tachihara, K.; Torii, K.; Fukui, Y.
Session VII. The Galactic Center Stellar Population   
The Nuclear Stellar Disc and Cluster of the Milky Way 353 Schödel, R.
A Masing BAaDE's Window BAaDE: The Bulge Asymmetries and Dynamical Evolution Survey 361 Sjouwerman, L. O.; Pihlström, Y. M.; Stroh, M. C.; Lewis, M. O.; Trapp, A. C.; Rich, R. M.; Morris, M. R.; Claussen, M. J.; the BAaDE collaboration
Proper Motion Study of the Galactic Centre 365 Shahzamanian, B.; Schödel, R.
The X-ray Background Emission of the Galactic Center and Bulge with NuSTAR 371 Kuznetsova, E.; Krivonos, R.; Perez, K.; Wik, D. R.
Evidence of a Chemical Difference Between the Galactic Center and the Surrounding Inner Bulge Stellar Populations 377 Schultheis, M.
High-resolution Near-infrared Spectroscopy of Late-type Stars Near the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole 383 Nishiyama, S.; Kara, T.; Gorin, H.; Kurihara, S.
Young and Eccentric: A 3-body Scattering Origin for the S-stars and the G-objects 387 Trani, A. A.; Fujii, M. S.; Spera, M.
The GALACTICNUCLEUS Survey 389 Nogueras-Lara, F.; Schödel, R.
The Long Eclipse in the Low-mass X-ray Binary near the Galactic Center 391 Sasaki, R.; Maeda, Y.; Tsuboi, Y.; Gendreau, K.; Arzoumanian, Z.; Markwardt, C.
Constraints on the Density of the Dark Cusp Around the Galactic Center Supermassive Black Hole With a Newly Detected, Old, {≈}79 Day Period Stellar Binary System 393 Gautam, A. K.; Do, T.; Ghez, A. M.; Hosek Jr., M. W.; Naoz, S.; Sakai, S.; Morris, M. R.; Cochran, E.; Martinez, G. D.; Chu, D. S.; Lu, J. R.; Jia, S.; Becklin, E. E.; Matthews, K.
The Molecular Layer of GCIRS7 397 Rodríguez-Coira, G.; Amorim, A.; Bauböck, M.; Benisty, M.; Berger, J.-P.; Clénet, Y.; Coudé Du Foresto, V.; de Zeeuw, T.; Dexter, J.; Duvert, G.; Eckart, A.; Eisenhauer, F.; Ferreira, M. C.; Gao, F.; Garcia, P. J. V.; Gendron, E.; Genzel, R.; Gillessen, S.; Gordo, P.; Habibi, M.; Horrobin, M.; Jimenez-Rosales, A.; Jocou, L.; Kervella, P.; Lacour, S.; Bouquin, J. L.; Léna, P.; Ott, T.; Pössel, M.; Paumard, T.; Perraut, K.; Perrin, G.; Pfuhl, O.; Rousset, G.; Straub, O.; Straubmeier, C.; Sturm, E.; Vincent, F.; von Fellenberg, S.; Waisberg, I.; Widmann, F.; GRAVITY Collaboration
Leave-One-Out Cross Validation: Assessing Consistency of Astrometric Measurements Using “Bayesian Residuals” 399 Kosmo O'Neil, K.; Martinez, G. D.; Do, T.; Ghez, A. M.; Chu, D. S.; Sakai, S.
The Galactic Center Diffuse X-rays and Isolated Black Holes With FORCE 401 Nobukawa, M.; Ueda, Y.; Tsuru, T. G.; Mori, K.; the FORCE team
Discovery of Recombining Plasma from a Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable, EX Hya with Suzaku 403 Sako, T.; Nobukawa, M.
Session VIII. High Energy Process, Dark Matter in the Galactic Center   
Particle Astrophysics of the Galactic Center: Fermi GeV Excess 407 Horiuchi, S.
Measurement of Low-energy Cosmic Rays 415 Nobukawa, K. K.
Recent Progress in X-ray Observations of Outflows From the Galactic Center 423 Nakashima, S.
High Cosmic Ray Flux in the Galactic Center Probed by the H3+ Infrared Spectrum 425 Oka, T.
Dark Matter at the Galactic Centre: Dead or Alive? 429 Bergström, L.
Discovery of a Recombining Plasma in Sagittarius A East and Its Relation to the Past Activity of Sagittarius A* 433 Uchiyama, H.; Ono, A.; Yamauchi, S.; Nobukawa, M.; Nobukawa, K. K.; Koyama, K.
A Spot of Light in the Dark Night: On the Origin of the γ and X-ray Excesses at the Galactic Centre 437 Arca Sedda, M.
Detailed Analysis of the Supernova Remnant RX J1713.7-3946 at Energies up to 120 keV with XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL and ART-XC 441 Kuznetsova, E.; Krivonos, R.; Pavlinsky, M.; Lyskova, N.; Lutovinov, A.; Churazov, E.
Trans-fast Magnetosonic Inflows and Outflows in a Black Hole Magnetosphere 443 Takahashi, M.; Kino, M.
Probing Low-energy Cosmic Rays With Observations of the Neutral Iron Line in the W51 Complex 445 Shimaguchi, A.; Nobukawa, K. K.; Yamauchi, S.
X-ray Emission From the Mixed-morphology Supernova Remnant HB9 447 Saito, M.; Yamauchi, S.; Nobukawa, K. K.; Bamba, A.; Pannuti, T.
Origin of the Hot Plasma in the Galactic Center X-ray Emission 449 Yamauchi, S.
Sgr A*'s X-ray and Near-infrared Flare Statistics Point Toward a Synchrotron Self-Compton Nature of Flares 453 Subroweit, M.; Eckart, A.
Local Enhancement of Ni Abundance in the Galactic Center X-ray Emission 455 Nobukawa, M.; Nobukawa, K. K.; Koyama, K.
Very-High-Energy γ-rays From the Galactic Center Generated by Cosmic Rays 459 Scherer, A.; Reisenegger, A.; Cuadra, J.
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