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Paper: Discovery of a Recombining Plasma in Sagittarius A East and Its Relation to the Past Activity of Sagittarius A*
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 433
Authors: Uchiyama, H.; Ono, A.; Yamauchi, S.; Nobukawa, M.; Nobukawa, K. K.; Koyama, K.
Abstract: Sagittarius (Sgr) A East is a mixed-morphology supernovae remnant of which overlaps with Sgr A*. We analyzed the 240-ks Suzaku data of Sgr A East. Using the simultaneous-fit technique, we carefully estimated the Galactic center X-ray emission background. We discovered a radiative recombination continuum of highly-ionized Fe and found that the plasma is in the recombining status. In addition, we also detected highly-ionized Mn and Cr lines and a neutral Fe Kα line. As the origin of the recombining plasma, we propose the X-ray photo-ionization of the Sgr A* flares, which can also explain the presence of neutral Fe Kα line. These results fill the gaps of the previous studies on the past activity of Sgr A* by X-ray outflows and X-ray reflection nebulae.
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