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Paper: 90 Winds, Some X-rays, and Sgr A* Walk Into VR...
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 229
Authors: Russell, C. M. P.; Luco, B.; Sepulveda, M.; Cuadra, J.; Calderón, D.; Wang, Q. D.
Abstract: Virtual reality (VR) provides a new tool for exploring astrophysical simulations. Our case study is hydrodynamic simulations of the central parsec of the Galactic center, which models 25 Wolf-Rayet (WR) stars that are orbiting Sgr A* while ejecting their stellar winds. The VR program we are developing allows users to fully immerse themselves in a simulation snapshot, allowing them full control over their position and viewing orientation. The highlight result so far is exquisite views of material inspiraling towards the black hole. We also present a new hydrodynamic simulation that adds 65 O and ‘S’ stars, which causes a reduction in thermal X-ray emission in the vicinity of Sgr A* compared to the WR-only simulations.
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