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Paper: Dynamics of Streamers Towards the Circumnuclear Disk: On-going Mass Accretion
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 197
Authors: Hsieh, P.-Y.
Abstract: The molecular 2-pc circumnuclear disk (CND) immediately around the Milky Way supermassive black hole (SMBH), SgrA*, resembles the molecular torus in extragalactic nuclei, provides a unique opportunity to study SMBH accretion at sub-parsec scales. However, the CND might be transient if its gas density is under the tidal threshold, thus depleting the source of fuel. In our new CS line maps, we find several dense gas streamers appear to carry gas directly toward the nuclear region and might be captured by the central potential. These streamers show a signature of radial inward motion with progressively higher velocities as the gas approaches the CND and finally end up co-rotating with the CND. Furthermore, utilizing the JCMT 850 μm polarization data, we also find that the magnetic field appears dynamically significant toward the CND and also onwards to the inward ionized flows. Our results might suggest a possible mechanism of gas feeding to the CND. Here I present the observed morphology, kinematics of gas, and effects of magnetic fields in the GC. I also present our latest ALMA CS line maps in this region. As the nearest observable Galactic nucleus, this feeding process may have implications for understanding the processes in extragalactic nuclei.
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