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Paper: Dark Matter at the Galactic Centre: Dead or Alive?
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 429
Authors: Bergström, L.
Abstract: Since the first release of Fermi-LAT data in 2008, there has been a lively debate whether or not the GeV-scale excess seen in the data is caused by annihilation of Dark Matter particles, as suggested by D. Hooper and colleagues [Hooper and Goodenough (2011); Daylan et al. (2016)]. In 2015, two papers appeared which seemed to close that possibility, instead arguing for a dominance of point-sources [Lee et al. (2016); Bartels et al. (2015)]. However, recently this has been reanalyzed [Leane and Slatyer (2019)], and surprisingly the evidence for point sources was argued to have been caused by a misattribution caused by imperfectly overlapping templates. In this talk, I review the situation on the GeV photon excess, discussing the compatibility with other data on Dark Matter detection. At the present time, there are several (weak) indications of a Dark Matter particle of mass between around 40 GeV to 100 GeV contributing to the data. I indicate how the situation may be clearer in a few years from now.
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