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Paper: Extreme Young Star Clusters With MAORY+MICADO at the ELT: The Arches Cluster
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 167
Authors: Sabha, N. B.; Mapelli, M.; Fiorentino, G.; Spera, M.; Bellazzini, M.; Schreiber, L.
Abstract: The centre of the Milky Way is one of the prime targets to be observed with MAORY and MICADO, the first light AO relay and near-infrared imager/spectrograph at the ELT. The Galactic Centre's Arches cluster is characterised by its young age, high stellar density and high mass which makes it an ideal place to search for newly-born intermediate-mass black holes. We analyse simulated ELT images of an Arches-like cluster in two filters in the NIR spanning several epochs. The simulated data were produced using several runs of N-body simulations of an Arches-like stellar cluster with and without an intermediate-mass black hole at its centre. We perform an astrometric analysis of the simulated images and study the derived proper motion dispersion profiles to put a lower limit on the mass of an IMBH that can be detected in the Arches with the ELT. This experiment also serves as a test for the expected ELT photometric and astrometric performance in such crowded stellar fields.
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