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Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 389
Authors: Nogueras-Lara, F.; Schödel, R.
Abstract: Here we present the GALACTICNUCLEUS survey. This is a high angular resolution (0.2”) near infrared JHKs imaging survey of the nuclear bulge of the Milky Way. We obtain accurate photometry of more than 3 million stars reaching 5 sigma detection limit for J∼22, H∼21 and Ks∼21. The uncertainties are below 0.05 at J∼21, H∼19 and Ks∼18. The GALACTICNUCLEUS survey improves the state of the art superseding all existing surveys, such as UKIDSS, VVV or SIRIUS, and constitutes the first one offering 10 mag dynamic range in JHKs.
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