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Paper: Star Formation in The Galactic Disk and The Galactic Center
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 271
Authors: Inutsuka, S.
Abstract: We discuss an overall picture of star formation in the Galactic Disk and Galactic Center. Recent theoretical investigation results in a scenario of molecular cloud formation as the interacting shells or bubbles in the Galactic scale. The scenario explains many observational features such as ubiquitous filamentary shapes of star forming molecular clouds, the mass function of molecular clouds, cloud-to-cloud velocity dispersion, and the mass function and rotational property of cores, and the accelerating star formation over many million years in each star forming region. We apply this framework to the condition of the Galactic Center and provide explanations for apparently low star formation rate in the region. We predict the mass function and rotational property of cores in the Galactic Center that can be directly tested by observations. We also provide a method for the measurement of the cloud formation/destruction timescale by observing the mass functions of molecular clouds.
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