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Paper: Keck LGSAO Observations of X7, an Extended Evolving Object Near Sgr A*
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 235
Authors: Campbell, R.; Ciurlo, A.; Morris, M. R.; Do, T.; Ghez, A.
Abstract: The interstellar medium of the central parsec of the Galaxy is generally very fragmented, composed of numerous structures on all scales. One of these – the source known as X7 – is an elongated feature, less than 1 arc-second southwest of the supermassive black hole. We used near-infrared spectro-imaging data gathered with OSIRIS to study the evolution and orbit of this feature over a time span of 13 years. The 3D morphology of X7 is revealed in the OSIRIS data cubes using a novel volumetric visualization tool. X7's cometary shape, as seen in earlier direct imaging, has been hypothesized to result from a bow shock caused by winds, either from nearby massive stars or from the supermassive black hole itself.
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