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Paper: Investigation for Evidence and Impacts of Cloud-Cloud Collisions in the Galactic Center III: The l=1.°3 Complex
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 349
Authors: Matsunaga, K.; Enokiya, R.; Tachihara, K.; Torii, K.; Fukui, Y.
Abstract: We investigated the possibility of cloud-cloud collisions (CCCs) quantitatively in the l=1.°3 complex by using 12CO (J=3–2) and SiO (J=2–1) archival datasets. We found two clouds at Vlsr = 135 – 150 km s-1 and 183 –193 km s-1, and found that these clouds are located in well-known two molecular orbits, EMR (Kaifu et al. 1972) and arm II (Sofue 1995). By using a methodology of identification for CCC introduced by Enokiya et al. (2019), we found some clear evidences that these two clouds are colliding each other. This corresponds that the collision is due to crossing of the two orbits. The observed physical parameters except for column density and mass of the colliding clouds are very similar to active star forming region, Sgr B2. We discuss the quiescence of star formation in the l=1.°3 complex contrary to Sgr B2.
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