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Paper: The 3D Positions of Gas and Dust Clouds in the Galactic Centre
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 311
Authors: Ordenes-Huanca, C.; Cuadra, J.; Wang, D.
Abstract: Our work is focused on the Nuclear Star Cluster (NSC) of the Milky Way. Specifically, we consider the clouds of gas and dust that reside in this region and try to determine their 3D positions. Knowing this can tell us about, first, the recent history of Sgr A*, as the clouds reflect the light that it emitted during its more active phases. Second, it can help us understand how star formation proceeds in extreme environmental conditions, a process which may well be regulated by the strong tidal field in the inner Galactic regions. To determine the clouds' 3D positions we consider that they obscure the emission of the nuclear stars. As a first step, we produce mock 3D distributions of clouds and stars and calculate the expected obscuration.
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