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Paper: Star Formation in the Inner Bulges of Milky Way-like Galaxies with Gas Replenishment
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 331
Authors: Park, S.-M.; Kim, S. S.; Shin, J.; Chun, K.
Abstract: We investigate star formation in the inner bulges of Milky Way-like galaxies using three-dimensional N-body/hydrodynamic simulations with full baryonic physics and gas replenishment from stellar mass loss in the galactic disk. A gravitational potential of a Milky Way-like galaxy with a galactic bar is adopted using a Multipole Expansion (ME) method. The asymmetric potential of the bar causes the gas in the galactic disk to migrate inward to the inner bulge region (central few hundred parsecs) to form stars there. At the end of the run (2 Gyrs), the star formation rates (SFRs) in simulations with gas replenishment are higher than that without gas replenishment. For 2 Gyrs, most replenished gas migrates from the Galactic disk to the inner bulge. This suggests that gas replenishment from stellar mass loss in the Galactic disk is crucial for secular gas migration from the disk to the CMZ.
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