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Paper: Detailed Analysis of the Supernova Remnant RX J1713.7-3946 at Energies up to 120 keV with XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL and ART-XC
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 441
Authors: Kuznetsova, E.; Krivonos, R.; Pavlinsky, M.; Lyskova, N.; Lutovinov, A.; Churazov, E.
Abstract: We present the first detailed analysis of RX J1713.7-3946 with INTEGRAL/IBIS. The IBIS sky image of RX J1713.7-3946 demonstrates two extended hard X-ray sources. These sources are spatially consistent with north-west and south-west rims of RX J1713 and are also clearly visible at energies below 10 keV with XMM-Newton. The INTEGRAL 17–120 keV spectrum of RX J1713.7-3946 is characterized by a power-law continuum with the photon index of Γ∼3, that is significantly softer than Γ∼2 determined by XMM-Newton in the 0.8–10 keV energy band, suggesting a progressive steepening of the spectrum with the energy. Also we present the preliminary 4–12 keV image of the SNR RX J1713.7-3946 obtained with the ART-XC telescope on-board the SRG observatory.
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