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Paper: Large Scale Mapping of the Central Molecular Zone: C+ and CO Emission
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 111
Authors: Riquelme, D.; Güsten, R.; Harris, A.; Requena-Torres, M.
Abstract: We are carring out large scale surveys of the Central Molecular Zone in the J=2–1 and J=3–2 rotational transitions of CO, 13CO and C18O using the 12-m APEX telescope. This observations are a fundamental complement to the large scale survey of the [CII] emission we are carrying out with the upGREAT receiver onboard on the SOFIA telescope. These observations will reveal gas flows at large scales and between clouds, physical and chemical properties, the fraction of “CO-dark” gas, and address the known lack of star-formation in the Galactic center. They will thus help to establish the Galactic Center as a template for the interpretation of observations in the cores of other galaxies.
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