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Paper: A Lower Limit to the Mass of an IMBH Candidate in the Galactic Center
Volume: 528, New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Page: 175
Authors: Ballone, A.; Mapelli, M.; Pasquato, M.
Abstract: The high velocity gradient observed in the compact cloud CO-0.40-0.22, at a projected distance of 60 pc from the centre of the Milky Way, has led its discoverers to identify the closeby mm continuum emitter, CO-0.40-0.22*, with an intermediate mass black hole (IMBH) candidate. In this contribution, we describe the interaction between CO-0.40-0.22 and the IMBH, by means of a simple analytical model, supported by hydrodynamical simulations. Through such calculation, we obtain a lower limit to the mass of CO-0.40-0.22* of few 104 M. This result tends to exclude the formation of such massive black hole in the proximity of the Galactic Centre. On the other hand, CO-0.40-0.22* might have been brought to such distances in cosmological time-scales, if it was born in a dark matter halo or globular cluster around the Milky Way.
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