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Paper: Young Stars and Dust Clouds in Puppis and Vela
Monograph: 5, Handbook of Star Forming Regions:
Volume II, The Southern Sky
Page: 43
Abstract: This chapter deals with star formation inside of ∼2.5 kpc from the Sun, mainly in the constellations of Vela and Puppis in the Galactic longitude interval 240° < l < 280° and the latitude interval −20° < b < 6°. Star formation in this region is dominated by the Vela Molecular Ridge, a large molecular complex seen against the background Carina spiral arm, and by the cometary globules and other molecular clouds in the Gum Nebula, a large nearby HII-region. The IRAS Vela Shell and its relation to the Gum Nebula is briefly discussed. A large number of surveys at many different wavelengths exist, but the treatment here concentrates on the numerous works more directly aimed at this particular/specific region. Some particular regions that have received much attention are the Vela Molecular Ridge where a large number of deeply embedded young clusters and protostars have been found, as well as signs of a progressive star formation going from W to E along the Ridge, and some of the Cometary Globules, in particular CG30 with its outflows from multiple sources in the dense head, and ESO 210-6A with the well-known system of Herbig-Haro flows HH46 and 47.
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