Title: Handbook of Star Forming Regions:
Volume II, The Southern Sky
Monograph: 5 Year: 2008 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Bo Reipurth
ISBN: 978-1-58381-671-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-678-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
HSFR 2 Cover and Front Matter
The Canis Major Star Forming Region 1
NGC2362: The Terminus of Star Formation 26
Young Stars and Dust Clouds in Puppis and Vela 43
The Embedded Massive Star Forming Region RCW38 124
The Carina Nebula: A Laboratory for Feedback and Triggered Star Formation 138
Chamaeleon 169
Young Stars and Molecular Clouds in the IC 2944/2948 Complex 213
The Southern Coalsack 222
The Nearest OB Association: Scorpius-Centaurus (ScoOB2) 235
The Circinus Star Forming Complex 285
The Lupus Clouds 295
Star Formation in the ρ Ophiuchi Molecular Cloud 351
Low Mass Star Formation in the Norma Cloud 381
The Ara OB 1a Association 388
Young Stars in NGC 6231 and the Sco OB1 Association 401
The Pipe Nebula: A Young Molecular Cloud Complex 415
RCW120: A Perfect Bubble 437
The Isolated Embedded Cluster GM 24 449
Star Formation in NGC 6334 456
The Multiwavelength Picture of Star Formation in the Very Young Open Cluster NGC6383 497
M20: Star Formation in a Young HII Region 509
The Lagoon Nebula and its Vicinity 533
Star Formation in Sagittarius: The Lynds 291 Cloud 578
The Young Cluster NGC 6604 and the Serpens OB2 Association 590
Star Formation in the Eagle Nebula 599
Star Formation in M17 625
The W40 Cloud Complex 683
The Serpens Molecular Cloud 693
The Corona Australis Star Forming Region 735
Young Nearby Loose Associations 757
Star Formation and Molecular Clouds at High Galactic Latitude 813
Star Formation in Bok Globules and Small Clouds 847
Back Matter   
HSFR 2 Back Matter 879