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Paper: Real-time Triggering Capabilities for Fast Radio Bursts
at the MeerKAT Telescope
Page: 273
Authors: Jankowski, F.; Berezina, M.; Stappers, B.; Barr, E. D.; Bezuidenhout, M. C.; Caleb, M.; Driessen, L.; Malenta, M.; Morello, V.; Rajwade, K. M.; Sanidas, S.; Surnis, M. P.
Abstract: Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are bright enigmatic radio pulses of roughly millisecond duration that come from extragalactic distances. As part of the MeerTRAP project, we use the MeerKAT telescope array in South Africa to search for and localise those bursts to high precision in real-time. We aim to pinpoint FRBs to their host galaxies and, thereby, to understand how they are created. However, the transient nature of FRBs presents various challenges, e.g. in system design, raw compute power and real-time communication, where the real-time requirements are reasonably strict (a few tens of seconds). Rapid data processing is essential for us to be able to retain high-resolution data of the bursts, to localise them, and to minimise the delay for follow-up observations. We give a short overview of the data analysis pipeline, describe the challenges faced, and elaborate on our initial design and implementation of a real-time triggering infrastructure for FRBs at the MeerKAT telescope.
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