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Editors: Jose Enrique Ruiz, Francesco Pierfedereci, and Peter Teuben
This volume contains the proceedings of the 30th annual conference on Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS XXX). ADASS is the premier conference for the exchange of information about astronomical software, and it is organized each year by a different hosting astronomical institution at a different location. The conference provides a forum for astronomers, software engineers, and data specialists from around the world to discuss software and algorithms as used in all aspects of astronomy, from telescope operations, to data reduction, to outreach and education. In addition to presenting their work, delegates engaged in discussions on emerging technologies and debated future directions in areas such as common data formats, software reuse, and data dissemination. As such, ADASS is a vital mechanism to foster discussion for the advancement of the field.

This was the first time that ADASS was held in a digital format as the health safety risks of the COVID-19 pandemic were too large to meet in person. Participants from around the world were able to join in via Zoom, YouTube, and other online platforms to discuss themes such as Science Platforms and Data Lakes, Citizen Science Projects in Astronomy, and Cloud Computing at Different Scales.

These proceedings contain 146 papers representing the invited, contributed, and poster papers as well as the “Birds of a Feather” sessions and demonstrations.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter
Session I. Science Platforms and Data Lakes   
TOPCAT Visualisation Over the Web 3 Taylor, M.
Aladin Lite v3: Behind the Scenes of a Major Overhaul 7 Baumann, M.; Boch, T.; Pineau, F.-X.; Fernique, P.; Bot, C.; Allen, M.
Interactive Exploration Framework for Big Data Sets 11 Kollasch, F.; Polsterer, K.
Realtime Data Transferring and Processing from Remote
Telescopes Using Apache NiFi and MongoDB
15 Harischandra, L.
Scientific Data Applications for Science Analysis Platforms 19 Cox, N.; Bernard-Salas, J.
A Microservice-oriented Science Platform Architecture 23 Russo, S. A.; Cupani, G.; Bertocco, S.; Molinaro, M.; Taffoni, G.
Discovering Data with the ESCAPE Science Analysis Platform 27 Dickinson, H.; Vermaas, N.; Meyer-Zhao, Z.
The Architectural Design for the Logging, Monitoring and Alarm System for the ASTRI Mini-Array 31 Costa, A.; Tosti, G.; Schwarz, J.; Bruno, P.; Bulgarelli, A.; Calanducci, A.; Germani, S.; Grillo, A.; Incardona, F.; Sciacca, E.; Vitello, F.; Conforti, V.; Gianotti, F.; Russo, F.
Accessing Radio Data with the NRAO NINE Program 35 Beasley, J.; Rodríguez, M.; Kent, B. R.; Fourie, A.; von Schill, L.
ASTRI Virtual Test Bed: from Prototype to Mini-Array 39 Gianotti, F.; Conforti, V.; Tacchini, A.; Bulgarelli, A.; Bruno, P.; Calanducci, A.; Costa, A.; Gallozzi, S.; Lombardi, S.; Lucarelli, F.; Parmiggiani, N.; Russo1, F.; Scuderi, S.; Trifoglio, M.
CV Portal: A Collaborative Cataclysmic Variable Web-based Portal 43 Santos, R.; Rodrigues, C. V.; Domingues, M. B. P.; Carolino, F.; Oliveira, A. S.; Belloni, D.; Ederoclite, A.; Ribeiro, L.
Requirements Analysis for HPC&HTC Infrastructures Integration in ESCAPE Science Analysis Platform 47 Bertocco, S.; Goz, D.; Russo, S. A.; Molinaro, M.; Taffoni, G.
Session II. Cloud Computing at Different Scales   
All the Shades of the Cloud 53 Taffoni, G.; Bertocco, S.; Landoni, M.; Molinaro, M.; Russo, S. A.
Novel EOSC Services for Space Challenges: The NEANIAS First Outcomes 63 Sciacca, E.; Krokos, M.; Becciani, U.; Bordiu, C.; Bufano, F.; Costa, A.; Pino, C.; Riggi, S.; Vitello, F.; Brandt, C.; Rossi, A.; Topa, E.; Mantovani, S.; Vettorello, L.; Cecconello, T.; Vizzari, G.
CASA Next Generation Infrastructure 67 Raba, R.; The CASA team
Xova: Baseline-Dependent Time and Channel Averaging
for Radio Interferometry
71 Atemkeng, M.; Perkins, S.; Kenyon, J. S.; Hugo, B. V.; Smirnov, O.
Session III. Cross-Discipline Projects   
PySAP: From Galaxies to Brains and Beyond 77 Farrens, S.; Grigis, A.; Gueddari, L. E.; Ramzi, Z.; Chaithya, G. R.; Ciuciu, P.; Starck, J.
iDaVIE-v: Immersive Data Visualisation Interactive Explorer
for Volumetric Rendering
85 Marchetti, L.; Jarrett, T. H.; Comrie, A.; Sivitilli, A. K.; Vitello, F.; Becciani, U.; Taylor, A. R.
Analyzing Scientific Big Data with HeAT 89 Comito, C.; Götz, M.; Debus, C.; Coquelin, D.; Krajsek, K.; Knechtges, P.; Hagemeier, B.; Tarnawa, M.; Blind, L.
Exploring the Universe with pyESASky JupyterLab Widget 93 López-Caniego, M.; Giordano, F.; Wangblad, M.; Baines, D.; Fozzi, T.; Merín, B.; Norman, H.; Puga, E.; Racero, E.
ESCAPE Open-source Scientific Software and Service Repository 97 Vuillaume, T.; García, E.
Results from ESA Astronomy Space Science Archives User Survey 101 Baines, D.; de Marchi, G.; Merín, B.; Steltzer, B.; Bouy, H.; Conselice, C.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Larsen, S.; Miville-Deschenes, M.; Savaglio, S.; Villaver, E.
Efficient Machine Learning Methods for Cosmology 105 Howard, E.
MANGO: a VO Model for Source Data 109 Michel, L.; Bonnarel, F.; Landais, G.; Louys, M.; Molinaro, M.; Salgado, J.
ESCAPE - Addressing Open Science Challenges 113 Allen, M.; Lamanna, G.; Espinal, X.; Graf, K.; van Haarlem, M.; Serjeant, S.; Bird, I.; Cuoco, E.; Wagh, J.
A Multi-protocol Communication System for Maintenance Procedures of the ASTRI-Horn Cherenkov Camera 117 Corpora, M.; Sangiorgi, P.; Sottile, G.; Capalbi, M.
FITS2OSC - A Sonification Pipeline for Light Curve
Interactive Auditory Exploration
121 García Riber, A.
Improvements to Development and Operations Practices in Data Processing Pipelines and Astronomy Software 125 Diaz, R.
Session IV. Multi-Messenger Astronomy   
Capability for Encoding Gravitational-wave Sky Localizations with the Multi Order Coverage Data Structure: Present and Future Developments 131 Greco, G.; Branchesi, M.; Punturo, M.; Vocca, H.; Travasso, F.; De Pietri, R.; Fernique, P.; Boch, T.; Baumann, M.; Pineau, F.-X..; Derriere, S.; Nebot, A.; Allen, M.
Supporting Observatory Coordination with New Standards: Current Status 135 Ibarra, A.; Salgado, J.; Salazar, E.; Ehle, M.; Foster, K.; Kretschmar, P.; Kuulkers, E.; Merín, B.; Ness, J.-U.; Sánchez-Fernández, C.; Saxton, R.
RTApipe, a Framework to Develop Astronomical Pipelines for the Real-time Analysis of Scientific Data 139 Parmiggiani, N.; Bulgarelli, A.; Beneventano, D.; Fioretti, V.; Baroncelli, L.; Addis, A.; Tavani, M.
On the Cosmic Isotropic Background from the Radio to the Far-IR: A New Method for Theoretical Predictions of the Frequency Spectrum from Monopole to Higher Multipoles 143 Burigana, C.; Trombetti, T.; Chierici, F.
Status of the Real-time Multi-messenger Program of KM3NeT 147 Lincetto, M.; Dornic, D.; Huang, F.; Schnabel, J.
GWSky - An Augmented Reality Mobile App for Gravitational Waves Sky Localization 151 Tonelli, V.; Greco, G.; Bogliolo, A.
ShowerModel: A Python Package for Modelling Cosmic-ray Showers, Their Light Production and Their Detection 155 Morcuende, D.; Rosado, J.
Hybrid SEDs for Neutrino Events Integrated in the SEDBuilder
Tool of the ASI-SSDC MWL Environment
159 Lucarelli, F.; Lamastra, A.
Towards Reliable and Productive Astronomical Data Archives 163 Furusawa, H.; Takata, T.; Shirasaki, Y.
Search for Spatial and Temporal Coincidence Between Fermi-LAT Exposure Maps and Gravitational Wave Sky Localizations 167 Berretta, A.; Cutini, S.; Greco, G.; Tosti, G.; Lubrano, P.; Germani, S.; Branchesi, M.; Punturo, M.; Fernique, P.; Boch, T.; Baumann, M.; Pineau, F.; Derriere, S.; Nebot, A.; Allen, M.
Session V. Machine Learning, Statistics, and Algorithms   
From Photometric Redshifts to Improved Weather Forecasts: Machine Learning and Proper Scoring Rules as a Basis for Interdisciplinary Work 173 Polsterer, K.; D'Isanto, A.; Lerch, S.
Machine-Assisted Discovery Through Identification and
Explanation of Anomalies in Astronomical Surveys
183 Wagstaff, K. L.; Huff, E.; Rebbapragada, U.
Probing Neural Networks for Science: What Is It They Are Learning? 187 Jacobs, C.
Reconstruction of IACT Events Using Deep Learning Techniques with CTLearn 191 Nieto, D.; Miener, T.; Brill, A.; Contreras, J. L.; Humensky, T. B.; Mukherjee, R.
Event Analysis in KM3NeT Using Machine Learning 195 Spisso, B.; KM3NeT Collaboration
A Practical Preconditioner for Wide-field Continuum Imaging
of Radio Interferometric Data
199 Bester, L.; Repetti, A.; Perkins, S.; Smirnov, O. M.; Kenyon, J. S.
Single Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Full-Event Reconstruction with a Deep Multi-Task Learning Architecture 203 Jacquemont, M.; Vuillaume, T.; Benoit, A.; Maurin, G.; Lambert, P.; CTA Consortium
Astrocook: Quasar Spectral Analysis Made Easy 207 Cupani, G.; D'Odorico, V.; Cristiani, S.; Russo, S. A.; Calderone, G.; Taffoni, G.
Exploring Coronal Heating Using Unsupervised Machine-Learning 211 Bawaji, S.; Alam, U.; Mondal, S.; Oberoi, D.
Machine Learning Using the NVidia Jetson Nano 215 Kent, B. R.
Chemo-kinematic Analysis of Metal-poor Stars with
Unsupervised Machine Learning
219 da Silva, A. R.; Smiljanic, R.; Giribaldi, R. E.
VLASS Quicklook Image Classifier Using PyTorch 223 Rodríguez, M.; Beasley, J.; Kent, B. R.; Fourie, A.; von Schill, L.
Fitting of Optical Galaxy Spectra Based on Machine Learning 227 Murata, K.; Takeuchi, T. T.
Probabilistic Photo-z Machine Learning Models for X-ray Sky Surveys 231 Borisov, V.; Meshcheryakov, A.; Gerasimov, S.
Transfer Learning in Large Spectroscopic Surveys 235 Podsztavek, O.; Škoda, P.; Tvrdík, P.
Stellar Formation in NGC 2366: Searching for Clusters and Associations Using Unsupervised Algorithms 239 Feinstein, C.; Baume, G.; Vergne, M.; Rodríguez, J.
A Solar Spectral Irradiance Prediction Workflow Using a Recurrent
Neural Network in a Reproducible and Replicable Approach
243 Muralikrishna, A.; Vieira, L. E. A.; Santos, R.; Almeida, A. P.
21st Century Supermoon Estimation in R 247 Stenborg, T. N.
Neural Network for Stellar Spectrum Normalization 251 Rozanski, T.; Niemczura, E.; Posilek, N.
Session VI. Time-Domain Ecosystem   
Developing a Data Carpentry Curriculum for the Astronomical Community 257 Bostroem, K.
Storage Schema of Time Series Astronomical Data for Artificial Intelligence Analysis 261 Li, K.; Yu, C.; Xiao, J.; Cui, C.; Sun, C.
Orchestration of Dockerized Data Reduction Pipelines from a
RESTful Web Service
265 Miszalski, B.; O'Toole, S.; Tocknell, J.; Harischandra, L.; Mannering, E.; Sealey, K.
Observation Metadata Plotting Tool - OmedaPlot 269 Snigula, J. M.; Gössl, C.; Hopp, U.
Real-time Triggering Capabilities for Fast Radio Bursts
at the MeerKAT Telescope
273 Jankowski, F.; Berezina, M.; Stappers, B.; Barr, E. D.; Bezuidenhout, M. C.; Caleb, M.; Driessen, L.; Malenta, M.; Morello, V.; Rajwade, K. M.; Sanidas, S.; Surnis, M. P.
The Time Series Integrated Knowledge Engine 277 Mullally, S. E.; Snyder, G.; Peek, J.; Cortese, A.; Hayden, B.; Gough, M.; Matuskey, J.; Miller, T.; Slocum, C.; Smith, A. M.
Working with Large Catalogs Using the Astronomy eXtensions for Spark (AXS) Framework 281 Shupe, D.; Desai, V.; Groom, S.
IVOA Data Access Layer: Roadmap as of Year 2020 285 Molinaro, M.; Dempsey, J.
Session VII. Citizen Science Projects in Astronomy   
Citizen COmputing for Pulsar Searches: CICLOPS 291 Bachetti, M.; Pilia, M.; Curatti, S.; Corrias, G.; Addis, A.; Macciò, C.; Muntoni, D.; Piga, V.; Pitzalis, N.; Trois, A.
Citizen Science with the TESS Photometer Network 295 Pascual, S.; Zamorano, J.; González, E.; Tapia, C.; González, R.; García, C.; García, L.; Sánchez-Penim, A.; Izquierdo, J.; Corcho, &.; de Miguel, A. S.; Gallego, J.
Data-driven Fitness Functions for Optimizing Simulations of
Interacting Galaxies
299 West, G.; Ogden, M.; Wallin, J.
SuperWASP Variable Stars: Classifying Light Curves Using Citizen Science 303 Thiemann, H. B.; Norton, A. J.; Dickinson, H.
Morphological Classification of Astronomical Images with Limited Labelling 307 Soroka, A.; Meshcheryakov, A.; Gerasimov, S.
Session VIII. Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data   
NOEMA: How One Million Lines of Code Make the
Optically Dark Universe Visible
313 Krips, M.; Castro-Carrizo, A.; Neri, R.; Pietu, V.
The Pan-STARRS IPP: Lessons Learned and Looking Forward 323 Magnier, E. A.
Tiling the Euclid Sky 329 Kümmel, M.; T.Vassallo; Dabin, C.; Gracia Carpio, J.; Euclid Consortium
A Scalable Transient Detection Pipeline for the Australian SKA Pathfinder VAST Survey 333 Pintaldi, S.; Stewart, A.; O'Brien, A.; Kaplan, D.; Murphy, T.
Distributed Streaming Radio Astronomy Reduction with Dask 337 Perkins, S.; Bester, L.; Hugo, B. V.; Kenyon, J. S.; Marais, P.; Smirnov, O.
Proof-of-concept Gridded Visibility Stacking Pipeline for Deep Spectral Line Interferometric Imaging 341 Rozgonyi, K.; Dodson, R.; Meyer, M.; Mitchell, D. A.; Roychowdhury, S.; Tobar, R.
Validating Data Reduction Algorithms Through Advanced
Instrument Simulation - The Case of HARMONI
345 Jarno, A.; Piqueras, L.; Béchet, T.; Bouché, N.; Pécontal, A.; Richard, J.
QuartiCal - Embarrassingly Parallel Calibration of Radio Interferometer Data Using Numba and Dask 349 Kenyon, J. S.; Perkins, S.; Smirnov, O.
The Additional Representative Images for Legacy Project 353 Stoehr, F.; Massardi, M.; Rygl, K.; Guglimetti, F.; Bonato, M.; Burkutean, S.; Gianetti, A.; Liuzzo, E.; Marchili, N.; Bedosti, F.; Stagni, M.; Bendo, G. J.; Fuller, G. A.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Richards, A.; Galluzzi, V.; Knapic, C.; Sponza, M.; Pantoni, L.
lstchain: An Analysis Pipeline for LST-1, the First Prototype
Large-Sized Telescope of CTA
357 López-Coto, R.; Baquero, A.; Bernardos, M. I.; Cassol, F.; Foffano, L.; García, E.; Gliwny, P.; Iwamura, Y.; Jacquemont, M.; Jouvin, L.; Kobayashi, Y.; Moralejo, A.; Morcuende, D.; Neise, D.; Nozaki, S.; Nöthe, M.; Priyadarshi, C.; Renier, Y.; Saha, L.; Sakurai, S.; Sitarek, J.; Takahashi, M.
The High-level Data Reduction Library - A Library for ESO's Data Reduction Pipelines 361 Modigliani, A.; Gabasch, A.; Neeser, M. J.; Coccato, L.; Ivanov, V. D.; Moehler, S.; Fernando, N.; Lorente, N. F.; Luvaul, L.; Nielsen, J.; Freudling, W.
Rta-dq-lib: Software Library to Perform Online Data Quality
Analysis of Scientific Data
365 Baroncelli, L.; Bulgarelli, A.; Parmiggiani, N.; Fioretti, V.; Addis, A.; De Cesare, G.; Piano, A. D.; Conforti, V.; Gianotti, F.; Russo, F.; Maurin, G.; Vuillaume, T.; Aubert, P.; García, E.; Zoccoli, A.
LSTOSA: Onsite Processing Pipeline for the CTA Larged-Sized
Telescope Prototype
369 Ruiz, J.; Morcuende, D.; Saha, L.; Baquero, A.; Contreras, J.; Aguado, I.
Automatic Processing of 80% of the Gemini NIFS Archive 373 Comeau, N.; Bohlender, D.; Goliath, S.; Gwyn, S.; Fabbro, S.; Kavelaars, J. J.
Parallelization of the Wide-band Wide-field Spectral Deconvolution Framework DDFacet on Distributed Memory HPC System 377 Monnier, N.; Raffin, E.; Tasse, C.; Nezan, J.; Smirnov, O.
Filabres: a New Pipeline for the Automatic Data Reduction of
CAFOS Direct Imaging
381 Cardiel, N.; Galcerán, E.; Alonso-Hernández, J.; Pascual, S.; Alacid, J. M.; Solano, E.; Cortés-Contreras, M.; Ceballos, M. T.; Aceituno, J.; Pedraz, S.
ShadeMS: Rapid Plotting of Big Radio Interferometry Data 385 Smirnov, O. M.; Heywood, I.; Perkins, S. J.; van Rooyen, R.
The CASA Software for Radio Astronomy: Status Update from ADASS 2020 389 Emonts, B.; Raba, R.; Rau, U.; Schiebel, D.; Ott, J.; Bean, B.; Bhatnagar, S.; Castro, S.; Donovan, J.; García-Dabó, C.; Garwood, B.; Golap, K.; Harris, P.; Hsieh, M.; Jagannathan, P.; Kawasaki, W.; Kirk, B.; López, J.; McNichols, A.; Mehringer, D.; Miel, R.; Moellenbrock, G.; Pouzols, F. M.; Nakazato, T.; Nishie, S.; Petry, D.; Pokorny, M.; Sekhar, S.; Suoranta, V.; Schweighart, N.; Steeb, J.; Tsutsumi, T.; Wells, A.; Xiong, W.
Performance Improvement of the Data Acquisition System to
Support the Observation Quality System of the ASTRI Mini-Array
393 Conforti, V.; Gianotti, F.; Trifoglio, M.; Bulgarelli, A.; Addis, A.; Baroncelli, L.; Capalbi, M.; Fioretti, V.; Parmiggiani, N.; Sangiorgi, P.; Russo, F.
Pipeline Calibration and Imaging for the Nobeyama 45m Radio Telescope 397 Nakazato, T.; Sugimoto, K.; Yoshino, A.; Ezawa, H.; Hayashi, Y.; Kosugi, G.; Maekawa, J.; Takahashi, S.; Tatematsu, K.
Implementing CUDA Streams into AstroAccelerate – A Case Study 401 Novotn'y, J.; Adámek, K.; Armour, W.
Implementation of 3D Degridding Algorithm on the NVIDIA
GPUs using CUDA
405 Adámek, K.; Wortmann, P.; Nikolic, B.; Mort, B.; Armour, W.
CRYSTALBALL: A Numba and Dask-Accelerated Fourier Transform of a Sky Model into an Interferometry Dataset 409 Serra, P.; Perkins, S.; Smirnov, O.
ChiVo-Tools: a Deep Learning Tool for Exploratory Analysis of Astronomical Data for Python and as a Web Service 413 Tirado, A.; Damke, G.; Farias, H.; Jaque, M.; no, Y. O.; Ortiz, D.; Solar, M.
Session IX. Data Interoperability   
Data Interoperability - The CDS Experience 419 Fernique, P.; Allen, M. G.
The Advanced Scientific Data Format (ASDF): Why You Should Use It 427 Greenfield, P.; Slavich, E.; Davies, J.; Dencheva, N.; Sosey, M.
Using Docker in a Radio-astronomy Environment 431 Malenta, M.; Stappers, B.; Bezuidenhout, M. C.; Caleb, M.; Driessen, L.; Jankowski, F.; Morello, V.; M.Rajwade, K.; Sanidas, S.
Data Interoperability at the Core of the Euclid Scientific Archive System 435 de Teodoro, P.; Nieto, S.; Racero, E.; Sarmiento, M. H.; Altieri, B.; Merín, B.
Spreading the Word - Current Status of VO Tutorials and Schools 439 Lutz, K. A.; Allen, M.; Bot, C.; Cortés-Contreras, M.; Derriere, S.; Demleitner, M.; Heinl, H.; Jiménez-Esteban, F.; Molinaro, M.; Nebot, A.; Solano, E.; Taylor, M.
Radio Astronomy Visibility Data Discovery and Access
Using IVOA Standards
443 Louys, M.; Lutz, K. A.; Stein, Y.; Egner, A.; Bonnarel, F.
CARACal - The Containerized Automated Radio Astronomy
Calibration Pipeline
447 Józsa, G. I. G.; Andati, L. A. L.; de Blok, W. J. G.; Hugo, B. V.; Kamphuis, P.; Kleiner, D.; Maccagni, F. M.; Makhathini, S.; Molnár, D. C.; Perkins, S. J.; Ramaila, A.; Ramatsoku, M.; Serra, P.; Smirnov, O. M.; Thorat, K.; White, S. V.
OPUS: an Interoperable Job Control System Based on VO Standards 451 Servillat, M.; Aicardi, S.; Cecconi, B.; Mancini, M.
ASCL's New API: Query Our Database 455 Mavuram, S.; Allen, A.; Teuben, P.
AIDA, a Modular Web Application for Astronomical Data Analysis
and Instrument Monitoring Services
459 Riccio, G.; Cavuoti, S.; Brescia, M.
Innovative Tools Fostered by the HiPS Ecosystem 463 Boch, T.; Allen, M.; Bot, C.; Fernique, P.; Baumann, M.; Buga, M.; Bonnarel, F.; Pineau, F.; Polsterer, K.; Durand, D.
HiPSgen: The Hierarchical Progressive Survey Generation Tool 467 Bot, C.; Fernique, P.; Oberto, A.; Durand, D.; Boch, T.; Allen, M.; Buga, M.; Bonnarel, F.
Re-engineered ISO Archive - An IR Astronomy Legacy Treasure 471 Salgado, J.; Verdugo, E.; Kidger, M.; Merín, B.; Arviset, C.
Exploring Provenance Tracing for VizieR Catalogues 475 G.Landais; M.Servillat; F.Bonnarel; M.Louys; M.Sanguillon; L.Michel
The KM3NeT Open Science System 479 Schnabel, J.; Gal, T.; Aly, Z.
Building a Search Discovery System Powered by Graphs at MAST 483 Weissman, S.
Storing Provenance Information in a Data Processing Workflow:
One CTA Use Case
487 Sanguillon, M.; Arrabito, L.; Boisson, C.; Bregeon, J.; Kosack, K.
CDS "Virtual" Simple Image Access Service 491 Bonnarel, F.; Boch, T.; Bot, C.; Chaitra; Fernique, P.; Michel, L.
Session X. Open Source Software and Community Development in Astronomy   
The Multi-Mission Maximum Likelihood Framework threeML: Multi-wavelength Astronomy in Practice 497 Fleischhack, H.; Burgess, J. M.; Lalla, N. D.; Omodei, N.
Machine Learning SITELLE Spectra Kinematics Analysis 501 Rhea, C.; Rousseau-Nepton, L.; Prunet, S.; Hlavacek-Larrondo, J.; Fabbro, S.
Intuitive GUI to Restore Corrupted Data: A Support for
Preservation and Curation of Astronomical Data
505 Vela nuñez, M.; Knapic, C.; Smareglia, R.
Agilepy: A Python Framework for AGILE Data Analysis 509 Bulgarelli, A.; Baroncelli, L.; Addis, A.; Parmiggiani, N.; Aboudan, A.; Piano, A. D.; Fioretti, V.; Tavani, M.; Pittori, C.; Lucarelli, F.; Verrecchia, F.
Herschel PACS Integral Field Unit Data Visualization and Analysis: an ESAC Science Data Centre Notebook for ESA Datalabs 513 Puga, E.; Baines, D.; Fozzi, T.; Giordano, F.; López-Caniego, M.; Merín, B. A.; Norman, H.; Racero, E.; Royer, P.; Segovia, J. C.; Wangblad, M.
Controlling and Monitoring Logging of the New Archiving
Distributed Infrastructure (NADIR)
517 Knapic, C.; nez, M. V. N.; Smareglia, R.
The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) in 2020 521 Berriman, G. B.
KERN Suite: Taming the Radio Astronomy Software Ecosystem 525 Ramaila, A.; Smirnov, O.; Molenaar, G.
RAGaVI: A Radio Astronomy Gains and Visibilities Inspector 529 Andati, L. A. L.; Smirnov, O. M.; Makhathini, S.
Making Organizational Software Easier to Find in ASCL and ADS 533 Allen, A.; Mavuram, S.; Nemiroff, R. J.; Schmidt, J.; Teuben, P.
An Update on the Development of ASPIRED 537 Lam, M. C.; Smith, R. J.; Veitch-Michaelis, J.; Steele, I. A.; McWhirter, P. R.
Tricolour: An Optimized SumThreshold Flagger for MeerKAT 541 Hugo, B. V.; Perkins, S.; Merry, B.; Mauch, T.; Smirnov, O. M.
Session XI. Miscellaneous   
Organising ADASS in a Pandemic 547 Pierfederici, F.; Ruiz, J. E.; Gambetta, A. O.; Gardini, A.; Díaz-Rodríguez, A. K.
Astronomical Research in the Next Decade: Trends, Barriers and Needs in Data Access, Management, Visualization and Analysis 551 Bordiu, C.; Bufano, F.; Sciacca, E.; Riggi, S.; Molinaro, M.; Vizzari, G.; Krokos, M.; Brandt, C.
Numerical Code Generation from Symbolic Expressions in Python 555 Rossi, F.
Starlink - The Original and Best 559 Berry, D.; Graves, S.; Bell, G. S.; Currie, M.; Draper, P.; Jenness, T.
APEX Control System (APECS): Recent Improvements and Plans 563 Muders, D.; König, C.; Schaaf, R.; Mac-Auliffe, F.; Pérez-Beaupuits, J.
JVO Subaru Suprime-Cam Mosaic Image Archive DR2 567 Shirasaki, Y.; Zapart, C.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.
An Automated Pipeline for the VST Data Log Analysis 571 Savarese, S.; Schipani, P.; Capasso, G.; Colapietro, M.; D'Orsi, S.; Marty, L.; Perrotta, F.
Five Years of the New ‘Hedwig' Proposal System at the JCMT 575 Bell, G. S.; Rawlings, M. G.; Coulson, I. M.
Automated System to Generate Calibrated MeasurementSet in East Asian ALMA Regional Center 579 Hayashi, Y.; Nakazato, T.; Morita, E.; Kosugi, G.; Ezawa, H.; Sugimoto, K.
Lessons Learned Regarding Software Tools Used During the 1st
DKIST Operations Commissioning Call for Proposals
583 Alexov, A.; Tritschler, A.; Rimmele, T.
Improving the Good: The Upgrade of the IRAM 30 Meter
Millimetre Telescope
587 Sánchez-Portal, M.; Peñalver, J.; Navarro, S.; Sánchez, S.; Pierfederici, F.; Kramer, C.; Schuster, K. F.; Bachiller, R.; López-Fernández, J. A.
Session XII. Focus Talks and Demo Booths   
Radiopadre: Remote, Interactive, Zero-admin Visualization of Data Pipeline Products 593 Smirnov, O. M.
Checkpoint, Restore, and Live Migration for Science Platforms 597 Juric, M.; Stetzler, S.; Slater, C. T.
Pangeo Data Analysis Platform and Astronomical Use Cases 601 Eynard-Bontemps, G.; Odaka, T. E.; Banihirwe, A.; Paul, K.; Abernathey, R.
Radio Astronomy Application Parallelism with Dask and Numba 605 Perkins, S.; Masoka, S.; 1; Bester, 3. L.; 1; Smirnov, 3. O.; 1; 3; Marais, P.
Session XIII. Birds of a Feather   
Cost Management on Commercial Cloud Platforms 611 Berriman, G. B.; O'Mullane, W.; Mitschang, A.; Momcheva, I.
Radio Data Archives Round Table 615 Lutz, K. A.; Dempsey, J.; Grange, Y. G.; Kettenis, M.; Lacy, M.; Schollar, C.
Practical Provenance in Astronomy 619 Servillat, M.; Bonnarel, F.; Louys, M.; Sanguillon, M.
Standardisation of Data Formats in Gamma-ray Astronomy 623 Nigro, C.; Hassan, T.
How to Better Describe Software for Discovery and Citation 627 Teuben, P.; Allen, A.; Berriman, G. B.
Best Licensing Practices 631 Grange, Y. G.; Jürges, T.; Schnabel, J.; Lorente, N. P. F.; Füssling, M.
Interoperability of Users, Developers, and Managers 635 Noordam, J.; Grange, Y.; Teuben, P.
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