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Paper: Radio Data Archives Round Table
Page: 615
Authors: Lutz, K. A.; Dempsey, J.; Grange, Y. G.; Kettenis, M.; Lacy, M.; Schollar, C.
Abstract: With SKA precursor and pathfinder operations in full swing, radio and (sub-)mm astronomy is entering the era of super big data. The big questions is how to make (sub-)mm and radio data available to the astronomical community, preferably using FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable; Wilkinson et al. 2016) principles. There are already a lot of efforts going on around the globe: facilities such as ALMA, LOFAR, MWA, NRAO and ASKAP are already publishing much of their imaging data in the form of "science ready" products, SKA regional centres are being formed, and a radio astronomy interest group has been initiated within the IVOA. In addition, also non-imaging data, like timing, pulsar or beam forming data, needs to be available to the community as well. This BoF intended to bring everyone interested in this topic around one virtual table to hear about and discuss the following questions: What is the status of efforts to expose both visibility and science ready data? What is already there, maybe has been used for decades by traditional observatories? What is still missing? Where do we want to go next?
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