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Paper: An Automated Pipeline for the VST Data Log Analysis
Page: 571
Authors: Savarese, S.; Schipani, P.; Capasso, G.; Colapietro, M.; D'Orsi, S.; Marty, L.; Perrotta, F.
Abstract: The VST Telescope Control Software logs continuously detailed information about the telescope and instrument operations. Commands, telemetries, errors, weather conditions and anything may be relevant for the instrument maintenance and the identification of problem sources is regularly saved. All information are recorded in textual form. These log files are often examined individually by the observatory personnel for specific issues and for tackling problems raised during the night. Thus, only a minimal part of the information is normally used for daily maintenance. Nevertheless, the analysis of the archived information collected over a long time span can be exploited to reveal useful trends and statistics about the telescope, which would otherwise be overlooked. Given the large size of the archive, a manual inspection and handling of the logs is cumbersome. An automated tool with an adequate user interface has been developed to scrape specific entries within the log files, process the data and display it in a comprehensible way. This pipeline has been used to scan the information collected over 5 years of telescope activity.
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