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Paper: IVOA Data Access Layer: Roadmap as of Year 2020
Page: 285
Authors: Molinaro, M.; Dempsey, J.
Abstract: The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) produces standards to enable the sharing of astronomical data and services to the global astrophysical community. Within the IVOA, the Data Access Layer (DAL) working group aims to provide standards for querying and accessing data holdings. The standards are primarily implemented by observatories and other data providers, so that the community can use standard tools to interact with the data holdings. Recently, the DAL community has addressed the discovery and exchange of multi-dimensional and multi-messenger data. It has also tackled new topics such as retrieval of observation location and object visibility information. They are now examining further support for the time domain and radio astronomy communities. We present the current DAL status and progress, in order to keep implementors up to date with the DAL landscape. We also discuss upcoming changes to DAL standards. Community contribution and feedback on these standards are needed. We particularly encourage feedback from the data providers and projects that are using VO technologies to address their scientific community's requirements.
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