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Paper: AIDA, a Modular Web Application for Astronomical Data Analysis
and Instrument Monitoring Services
Page: 459
Authors: Riccio, G.; Cavuoti, S.; Brescia, M.
Abstract: In the last decade, Astronomy has been the scene of the realization of panchromatic surveys, with sophisticated instruments acquiring a huge quantity of exceptional quality data. This poses the need to integrate advanced data-driven science methodologies for the automatic exploration of huge data archives, and the need for efficient short- and long-term monitoring and diagnostics systems. The goal is to keep the quality of the observations under control and to detect and circumscribe anomalies and malfunctions, facilitating rapid and effective corrections, ensuring correct maintenance of all components and the good health of scientific data over time. In particular, this requirement is crucial for space-borne observation systems, both in logistical and economic terms. AIDA (Advanced Infrastructure for Data Analysis) is a portable and modular web application, designed to provide an efficient and intuitive software infrastructure to support monitoring of data acquiring systems over time, diagnostics and both scientific and engineering data quality analysis, particularly suited for astronomical instruments. Given its modular system prerogative, it is possible to extend its functionalities, by integrating and customizing monitoring and diagnostics systems, as well as scientific data analysis solutions, including machine/deep learning and data mining techniques and methods. A specialized version of AIDA has been recently appointed as focal plane instrument operation diagnostics, analytics and monitoring service within the Science Ground Segment of the Euclid space mission.
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