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Paper: Spitzer Space Telescope Observations of Circumbinary Dust Disks around Polars
Volume: 372, 15th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 333
Authors: Brinkworth, C.S.; Hoard, D.W.; Wachter, S.; Howell, S.B.; Ciardi, D.R.; Szkody, P.; Harrison, T.E.; van Belle, G.T.; Esin, A.A.
Abstract: We present Spitzer Space Telescope IRAC photometry of the magnetic cataclysmic variables EF Eri, MR Ser, VV Pup, V834 Cen, GG Leo and V347 Pav. When we combine our results with the 2MASS data, we find that at least five of the polars have flux densities in the mid-IR in excess of the emission expected from the stellar components alone. We are unable to model this mid-IR excess with cyclotron emission, but we can recreate the observed spectral energy distributions with the inclusion of a simple circumbinary dust disk model. Importantly, we find that the masses of our modelled disks are approximately 12 orders of magnitude lower than required to significantly affect CV evolution. The accretion disk-less polars are ideal places to search for these disks, since the luminous accretion disk in most CVs would drown out the faint IR signature of the cooler, dimmer circumbinary disks.
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