Title: 15th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Volume: 372 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Napiwotzki, Ralf; Burleigh, Matthew R.
These are the proceedings of the 15th European Workshop on White Dwarfs, held at the University of Leicester, UK, from August 7th-11th 2006. The series was started by Prof. Volker Weidemann at the University of Kiel, Germany, in 1974 and has since developed into the most important meeting on this topic worldwide.

The 15th Workshop attracted the largest number of participants of the series so far: 131 delegates form 20 nations and 6 continents, and was sponsored in part by the Royal Astronomical Society.

White dwarf stars are of significant importance to many fields of modern astrophysics. The sessions at the 15th Workshop reflected these synergies, as well as focusing on the traditional areas of interest in the stars themselves: white dwarf structure and evolution, mass distribution and luminosity function; white dwarfs in stellar clusters and the Galactic Halo; their atmospheres and magnetic fields; white dwarfs in binaries; and variable white dwarfs. At this meeting a new session was introduced focusing on the role of white dwarfs as progenitors of Type Ia supernovae, with their important implications for contemporary cosmology, and another new session was dedicated to the recent discoveries of dust disks around white dwarfs and the current searches for planetary-mass companions to these stars.

These proceedings provide a snapshot of current research in white dwarfs, and are suitable for researchers and graduate students studying these important stars.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 372 Cover Napiwotzki, R.; Burleigh, M.R.
Front Matter   
Volume 372 Front Matter 1 Napiwotzki, R.; Burleigh, M.R.
Conference Photo   
Volume 372 Conference Photograph 2 Napiwotzki, R.; Burleigh, M.R.
Part 1.
White Dwarf Structure and Evolution
Rotation in White Dwarfs: Stellar Evolution Models 3 Langer, N.
The Degenerate Remnant Cores of Ultra-Metal-Poor Heavy-Weight Intermediate-Mass Stars: White Dwarfs or Supernovae? 9 Garcia-Berro, E.; Gil-Pons, P.; Gutierrez, J.
G87−7: A White Dwarf with a Strange Core Composition? 13 Fontaine, G.; Bergeron, P.; Brassard, P.
The Origin and Evolution of DQ White Dwarfs: The Carbon Pollution Problem Revisited 19 Brassard, P.; Fontaine, G.; Dufour, P.; Bergeron, P.
What can we Learn about the Evolutionary History of Progenitors of EHBs and Related Binary Systems from their Observed Properties? 23 Pustynski, V.-V.; Pustylnik, I.
Part 2. White Dwarf Mass Distribution and Luminosity Function   
The Mass Distribution of White Dwarfs: An Unwavering Obsession 29 Bergeron, P.; Gianninas, A.; Boudreault, S.
The White Dwarf Mass Distribution 35 Kepler, S.O.; Kleinman, S.J.; Nitta, A.; Koester, D.; Castanheira, B.G.; Giovannini, O.; Althaus, L.
Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae 41 Gesicki, K.; Zijlstra, A.A.
Massive DA White Dwarfs 45 Giovannini, O.; da Costa, A.F.M.; Kepler, S.O.
Physical Parameters of DA White Dwarfs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 49 Ciechanowska, A.; Nalezyty, M.; Majczyna, A.; Madej, J.
Identifying and Characterizing New Nearby White Dwarfs 53 Subasavage, J.P.; Henry, T.J.; Bergeron, P.; Dufour, P.; Hambly, N.C.; Beaulieu, T.D.
Testing the Relationship between the Masses of White Dwarfs and those of their Progenitors 59 Isern, J.; Catalan, S.; Garcia-Berro, E.; Hernanz, M.
SDSS DR4: Hot White Dwarf Luminosity Function 65 Krzesinski, J.; Kleinman, S.J.; Nitta, A.; Huegelmeyer, S.D.; Dreizler, S.
The Initial-Final Mass Relationship of White Dwarfs in Common Proper Motion Pairs 69 Catalan, S.; Ribas, I.; Isern, J.; Garcia-Berro, E.; Allende Prieto, C.
The White Dwarf Luminosity Function: Measurement Errors and Estimators 73 Torres, S.; Garcia-Berro, E.; Geijo, E.M.; Isern, J.
Part 3.
White Dwarfs in Stellar Clusters and the Galactic Halo
The Origins of the Ultramassive White Dwarf GD50 79 Dobbie, P.D.; Napiwotzki, R.; Lodieu, N.; Burleigh, M.R.; Barstow, M.A.; Jameson, R.F.
A New Look at the Empirical Initial-Final Mass Relation 85 Williams, K.A.
Mass Loss on the Red Giant Branch of NGC 6791: The Case for Helium Core White Dwarfs 91 Kalirai, J.S.
New Techniques to Determine Ages of Open Clusters Using White Dwarfs 97 Jeffery, E.J.; von Hippel, T.; Winget, D.E.; Jefferys, W.H.; Stein, N.; DeGennaro, S.
GALEX Search for Praesepe's White Dwarfs in Sirius Like Binary Systems 103 Boyce, D.D.; Burleigh, M.R.; Barstow, M.A.
White Dwarfs in Globular Clusters 106 Richer, H.B.
3D-Kinematics of White Dwarfs from the SPY-Project 107 Richter, R.; Heber, U.; Napiwotzki, R.
Halo WD Local Space Density from the GSC-II-based Survey 113 Carollo, D.; Bucciarelli, B.; Hodgkin, S.T.; Lattanzi, M.G.; McLean, B.; Smart, R.L.; Spagna, A.
Part 4.
White Dwarfs in Large Surveys
The SDSS DR4 White Dwarf Catalog 121 Kleinman, S.J.; Eisenstein, D.J.; Liebert, J.; Harris, H.C.
Hot Subluminous O Stars from the SDSS 125 Hirsch, H.A.; Heber, U.; O'Toole, S.J.
White Dwarfs from the SDSS: 90 Prime - Goin' Deep in the White Dwarf Luminosity Function 129 Liebert, J.; Kilic, M.; Williams, K.; von Hippel, T.; Winget, D.E.; Munn, J.; Harris, H.; Levine, S.; Metcalfe, T.S.
White Dwarfs in the Capodimonte Deep Field 135 Catalan, S.; Silvotti, R.; Alcala, J.M.; Grado, A.; Capaccioli, M.
Gaia - A White Dwarf Discovery Machine 139 Jordan, S.
White Dwarfs as Photometric Calibrators of Large Surveys 145 Holberg, J.B.
White Dwarfs in the European Galactic Plane Surveys (EGAPS) 151 Morales-Rueda, L.; Groot, P.J.; Napiwotzki, R.; Drew, J.; the EGAPS collaboration
Monitoring Variable White Dwarfs with WASP 157 Faedi, F.; West, R.; Burleigh, M.; Goad, M.R.; Christian, D.J.; Clarkson, W.I.; Collier Cameron, A.; Evans, A.; Haswell, C.A.; Hellier, C.; Horne, K.; Irwin, J.; Kane, S.R.; Lister, T.A.; Norton, A.J.; Pollacco, D.; Skillen, I.; Street, R.A.; Wheatley, P.J.
Part 5.
Atmospheres, Abundances and Magnetic Fields
High Field Magnetic White Dwarfs, Pulsars, Magnetars, and their Main Sequence Progenitors 163 Ferrario, L.; Wickramasinghe, D.T.
The Fraction of DA White Dwarfs with Kilo-Gauss Magnetic Fields 169 Jordan, S.; Aznar Cuadrado, R.; Napiwotzki, R.; Schmid, H.M.; Solanki, S.K.
High Resolution Echelle Spectroscopy of Central Stars of Bipolar Planetary Nebulae: Disclosing the Shaping Mechanisms of Asymmetric Planetary Nebulae 173 Lee, T.-H.; Stanghellini, L.; Ferrario, L.; Wickramasinghe, D.T.
Broad-Band Molecular Polarization in White Dwarfs 177 Berdyugina, S.V.; Berdyugin, A.V.; Piirola, V.; Shapiro, A.
A Survey for Photometric Variability in Isolated Magnetic White Dwarfs—Measuring their Spin Periods 183 Brinkworth, C.S.; Burleigh, M.R.; Marsh, T.R.
Spectral Analyses of 16 DAO White Dwarfs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 187 Huegelmeyer, S.D.; Dreizler, S.; Rauch, T.; Krzesinski, J.
HST and FUSE Spectroscopy of the DAO-type Central Star LSV+46°21 191 Rauch, T.; Ziegler, M.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J.W.
FUSE Spectroscopy of the DAO-type Central Star LSV+4621: Looking for the Photosphere in the Sea of Interstellar Absorption 197 Ziegler, M.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J.W.; Oliveira, C.
Mass Loss Predictions for Hot (Pre-)White Dwarfs 201 Unglaub, K.
Abundances of Light Elements in Hot White Dwarf Atmospheres 205 Dupuis, J.; Chayer, P.; Vennes, S.; Kruk, J.W.; Henaul-Brunet, V.
Abundances of Heavy Metals and Lead Isotopic Ratios in Subluminous B Stars 209 O'Toole, S.J.; Heber, U.
Self-Consistent Diffusion in Low Mass Hot Stars 213 Behara, N.T.; Jeffery, C.S.
Soft X-ray Spectra of Hot DA White Dwarfs with Compton Scattering 217 Suleimanov, V.; Madej, J.; Drake, J.J.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.
Establishing HZ 43 A, Sirius B, and RXJ1856−37 as Soft X-ray Standards: a Cross-Calibration between the Chandra LETGS, the EUVE Spectrometer, and the ROSAT PSPC 221 Beuermann, K.; Burwitz, V.; Rauch, T.
Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of the Hot DA White Dwarf LB1919 and the PG1159 Star PG1520+525 225 Werner, K.; Drake, J.J.; Rauch, T.; Schuh, S.; Gautschy, A.
Analysis of High-Resolution Ultraviolet Spectra of PG1159-035 taken with HST and FUSE 231 Jahn, D.; Reiff, E.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J.W.; Herwig, F.
Abundances of Trace Elements in PG1159 Stars 237 Reiff, E.; Jahn, D.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J.W.; Herwig, F.
The Enigma of REJ0503−289 Revisited 243 Barstow, M.A.; Dobbie, P.D.; Forbes, A.E.; Boyce, D.D.
Observational Constraints on the Evolutionary Connection between PG 1159 Stars and DO White Dwarfs 249 Huegelmeyer, S.D.; Dreizler, S.; Werner, K.; Krzesinski, J.; Nitta, A.; Kleinman, S.J.
Detailed Spectroscopic and Photometric Analysis of DZ White Dwarfs 255 Dufour, P.; Bergeron, P.
A Spectroscopic Study of the Far-Ultraviolet Spectrum of the DAZ White Dwarf EG102 261 Dupuis, J.; Bouabid, M.-P.; Wesemael, F.; Chayer, P.
FUSE Observations of Cool DB White Dwarfs 265 Desharnais, S.; Wesemael, F.; Chayer, P.; Kruk, J.W.
DZs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 269 Nitta, A.; Kleinman, S.J.; von Hippel, T.
An Extremely Carbon-Rich White Dwarf in the Direction of the Virgo-Coma Cluster 273 de Martino, D.; Koester, D.; Treves, A.; Sbarufatti, B.; Falomo, R.
Alkali Line Profiles in Ultra-cool White Dwarfs 277 Homeier, D.; Allard, N.; Johnas, C.M.S.; Hauschildt, P.H.; Allard, F.
Near-Infrared Photometric Analyzes of White Dwarf Stars 283 Tremblay, P.-E.; Bergeron, P.
Photometric Calibration and DAs in the SDSS 289 Engelbrecht, A.; Koester, D.
Extreme Lyman α Broadening in Cool DA and DC White Dwarfs 293 Saumon, D.; Kowalski, P.M.; Mazevet, S.
Self-Broadening of the Balmer α Line 299 Allard, N.F.; Giovanetti, C.; Lekic, A.; Fallas, F.; Spielfiedel, A.
Velocity Fields at the Surface of ZZ Ceti Stars 303 Koester, D.; Kompa, E.
Part 6.
White Dwarf Dust Disks and Planetary Systems
Spitzer Search for Mid-IR Excesses around Five DAZs 309 Debes, J.H.; Sigurdsson, S.
Spitzer Observations of GD 362 and Other Metal-Rich White Dwarfs 315 Farihi, J.; Zuckerman, B.; Becklin, E.E.; Jura, M.
The Origin of the Dusty Disk around the Extremely Metal-rich White Dwarf GD 362 321 Garcia-Berro, E.; Loren-Aguilar, P.; Pedemonte, A.G.; Isern, J.; Bergeron, P.; Dufour, P.
DAZd White Dwarfs and the Fate of Planetary Systems 327 von Hippel, T.; Kuchner, M.J.; Kilic, M.; Mullally, F.; Reach, W.T.
Spitzer Space Telescope Observations of Circumbinary Dust Disks around Polars 333 Brinkworth, C.S.; Hoard, D.W.; Wachter, S.; Howell, S.B.; Ciardi, D.R.; Szkody, P.; Harrison, T.E.; van Belle, G.T.; Esin, A.A.
Hard X-ray and Infrared Emission from Apparently Single White Dwarfs 337 Chu, Y.-H.; Gruendl, R.A.; Guerrero, M.A.; Su, K.Y.-L.
Search for Giant Planets around White Dwarfs with HST, Spitzer, and VLT 343 Friedrich, S.; Zinnecker, H.; Correia, S.; Brandner, W.; Burleigh, M.; McCaughrean, M.
The DODO Survey: Imaging Planets around White Dwarfs 349 Hogan, E.; Burleigh, M.R.; Clarke, F.J.
Spitzer White Dwarf Planet Limits 355 Mullally, F.; von Hippel, T.; Winget, D.E.
Discovery of the First Very Wide WD-LD Binary System? 359 Day-Jones, A.C.; Pinfield, D.J.; Jones, H.A.; Kendall, T.R.; Napiwotzki, R.; Jenkins, J.S.
Searching for Planets around Pulsating White Dwarf Stars 363 Mullally, F.; Winget, D.E.; Kepler, S.O.
The O-C Diagram of the Subdwarf B Pulsating Star HS 2201+2610: Detection of a Giant Planet? 369 Silvotti, R.; Schuh, S.; Janulis, R.; Bernabei, S.; Ostensen, R.; Solheim, J.-E.; Bruni, I.; Gualandi, R.; Oswalt, T.; Bonanno, A.; Mignemi, B.; the Whole Earth Telescope Xcov23 collabo
Part 7.
White Dwarfs in Binaries
The Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae 375 Tout, C.A.
Double White Dwarfs as Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae 381 Martin, R.G.; Tout, C.A.
Binary White Dwarfs in the Supernova Ia Progenitor Survey 387 Napiwotzki, R.; Karl, C.A.; Nelemans, G.; Yungelson, L.; Christlieb, N.; Drechsel, H.; Heber, U.; Homeier, D.; Koester, D.; Leibundgut, B.; Marsh, T.R.; Moehler, S.; Renzini, A.; Reimers, D.
The Subdwarf B + White Dwarf Binary KPD 1930+2752, a Supernova Type Ia Progenitor Candidate 393 Geier, S.; Nesslinger, S.; Heber, U.; Przybilla, N.; Napiwotzki, R.; Kudritzki, R.-P.
Wind Roche-Lobe Overflow: a New Mass-Transfer Mode for Wide Binaries 397 Mohamed, S.; Podsiadlowski, Ph.
Spectroscopic Analysis of Subluminous B Stars in Binaries with Compact Companions 401 Geier, S.; Karl, C.A.; Edelmann, H.; Heber, U.; Napiwotzki, R.
Photons and Positrons in Type Ia Supernovae 407 Hirschmann, A.; Bravo, E.; Isern, J.
Relativistic Jets from Accretion-Induced Collapsing White Dwarfs 411 Kryvdyk, V.; Agapitov, A.
Soft Gamma Repeaters and Short Gamma Ray Bursts: Making Magnetars from WD-WD Mergers 415 Chapman, R.; Levan, A.J.; Priddey, R.S.; Tanvir, N.R.; Wynn, G.A.; King, A.R.; Davies, M.B.
Spectral Analysis and Constraints on the Nature of the Ultra-Compact Binary RXJ0806.3+1527 419 Reinsch, K.; Steiper, J.; Dreizler, S.
Recent Observational Progress in AMCVn Binaries 425 Ramsay, G.; Brocksopp, C.; Groot, P.J.; Hakala, P.; Lehto, H.; Marsh, T.R.; Napiwotzki, R.; Nelemans, G.; Potter, S.; Slee, B.; Steeghs, D.; Wu, K.
SDSS J0926+3624, the First Eclipsing AM CVn Star, as Seen with ULTRACAM 431 Marsh, T.R.; Dhillon, V.S.; Littlefair, S.P.; Groot, P.J.; Hakala, P.; Nelemans, G.; Ramsay, G.; Roelofs, G.H.A.; Steeghs, D.
The Nature of the Donor Stars in Ultra-Compact AM CVn Binaries 437 Roelofs, G.H.A.; Groot, P.J.; Benedict, G.F.; McArthur, B.E.; Steeghs, D.; Morales-Rueda, L.; Marsh, T.R.; Nelemans, G.
The Influence of Mass-Transferring Systems on the Galactic Gravitational Wave Background 443 Ruiter, A.J.; Belczynski, K.; Benacquista, M.; Larson, S.L.
Thermal Evolution of AM CVn Binary Donors 447 Deloye, C.J.; Taam, R.E.; Winisdoerffer, C.; Chabrier, G.
Multi-Object Spectroscopy of the SDSS Equatorial Stripes 453 Southworth, J.; Gaensicke, B.T.; Schreiber, M.R.
Understanding White Dwarf Binary Evolution with White Dwarf/Main Sequence Binaries: First Results from SEGUE 459 Schreiber, M.R.; Nebot Gomez-Moran, A.; Schwope, A.D.
Proper Motion Selected White Dwarf - Red Dwarf Binaries 465 van den Besselaar, E.J.M.; Augusteijn, T.; Greimel, R.; Groot, P.J.
Follow-up Observations of SPY White Dwarf + M-Dwarf Binaries 471 Maxted, P.F.L.; Napiwotzki, R.; Marsh, T.R.; Burleigh, M.R.; Dobbie, P.D.; Hogan, E.; Nelemans, G.
The Nature of the Close Magnetic White Dwarf + Probable Brown Dwarf SDSS J121209.31+013627.7 477 Burleigh, M.R.; Marsh, T.R.; Gaensicke, B.T.; Goad, M.R.; Dhillon, V.S.; Littlefair, S.P.; Wells, M.; Dobbie, P.D.; Farihi, J.; Bannister, N.P.; Casewell, S.L.; Hurkett, C.P.; Martindale, A.; Roche, P.; Lewis, F.
HS 2231+2441: A New Eclipsing sdB Binary of the HW Vir Type 483 Ostensen, R.; Oreiro, R.; Drechsel, H.; Heber, U.; Baran, A.; Pigulski, A.
BUL-SC16 335: A New Eclipsing Pre-Cataclysmic Binary with a Very Short Orbital Period 487 Polubek, G.; Pigulski, A.; Baran, A.; Udalski, A.
The First PG1159 Close Binary System 491 Schuh, S.; Nagel, T.
Testing Magnetic Braking: The X-ray Activity of M Dwarfs in Pre-Cataclysmic Variable Systems 497 Briggs, K.R.; Napiwotzki, R.; Maxted, P.F.L.; Wheatley, P.J.
Recent Results from Infrared Observations of White Dwarfs, their Companions, and the Dust that Surrounds Them 501 Hoard, D.W.; Brinkworth, C.S.; Wachter, S.
An Intensive Study of the Dwarf Nova System VW Hydri 505 Long, K.S.; Froning, C.S.; Gaensicke, B.T.; Knigge, C.
Discovery of the New WZ Sge Star SDSS J080434.20+510349.2 511 Pavlenko, E.; Shugarov, S.Yu.; Katysheva, N.A.; Nogami, D.; Nakajima, K.; Maehara, H.; Andreev, M.; Shimansky, V.; Zubareva, A.; Babina, Ju.; Borisov, N.; Golovin, A.; Baklanov, A.; Baklanova, D.; Berezovsky, K.; Kroll, P.
LQ Peg and V380 Oph - Anti-Dwarf Nova Cataclysmic Variables 515 Shugarov, S.Yu.; Katysheva, N.A.; Kroll, P.
V2487 Oph 1998: a Magnetic Classical Nova? 519 Ferri, C.; Hernanz, M.; Sala, G.
Multicolor Photometric Observations of Two Novae: DK Lac and V Per 523 Katysheva, N.A.; Shugarov, S.Yu.
Cataclysmic Variables with Magnetic White Dwarfs 527 Katysheva, N.A.; Voloshina, I.B.
Chandra X-ray Sources in the Galactic Center Region 531 Ruiter, A.J.; Belczynski, K.; Harrison, T.E.
Observational Evidence for a Complex Magnetic Field Structure of the Asynchronous Polar BY Cam 537 Pavlenko, E.; Babina, Ju.; Andreev, M.
Evidence for Precession of White Dwarfs in Cataclysmic Variables 541 Tovmassian, G.H.; Zharikov, S.V.; Neustroev, V.V.
Hotter than Expected: GALEX and HST Results on White Dwarfs in Cataclysmic Variables 547 Szkody, P.; Gaensicke, B.T.; Harrison, T.E.; Howell, S.B.; Mukadam, A.S.; Nitta, A.; Plotkin, R.M.; Sion, E.M.; Solheim, J.-E.; Warner, B.; Woudt, P.A.; Bianchi, L.; Seibert, M.
X-Ray Spectroscopy and Photometry of the Accreting White Dwarf in AI Tri 553 Traulsen, I.; Reinsch, K.; Dreizler, S.; Schwarz, R.
The Thermal Structure and Evolution of Accreting White Dwarfs 557 Townsley, D.M; Bildstein, L.
Properties of White Dwarfs in CVs Above the Period Gap 563 Sion, E.M.; Godon, P.
Part 8.
Variable White Dwarfs
Testing the Purity of the ZZ Ceti Instability Strip 571 Castanheira, B.G.; Kepler, S.O.; Costa, A.F.M.; Giovannini, O.; Robinson, E.L.; Winget, D.E.; Nitta, A.; Koester, D.; Santos, M.G.
A Progress Report on the Empirical Determination of the ZZ Ceti Instability Strip 577 Gianninas, A.; Bergeron, P.; Fontaine, G.
Six New ZZ Ceti Stars from the SPY and the HQS Surveys 583 Voss, B.; Koester, D.; Ostensen, R.; Napiwotzki, R.; Homeier, D.; Reimers, D.
Mean ZZ Ceti Pulsation Period Gauges Stellar Temperature 587 Mukadam, A.S.; Montgomery, M.H.; Kim, A.; Winget, D.E.; Kepler, S.O.; Clemens, J.C.
Search for p-mode Pulsations in DA White Dwarfs with VLT-ULTRACAM 593 Silvotti, R.; Fontaine, G.; Pavlov, M.; Marsh, T.R.; Dhillon, V.S.; Littlefair, S.P.
HS 2331+3905, the Brightest CV White Dwarf Pulsator 597 Gaensicke, B.T.
Discovery of Two New Accreting ZZ Ceti Stars 603 Mukadam, A.S.; Szkody, P.; Fraser, O.J.; Silvestri, N.M.; Gaensicke, B.T.; Aungwerojwit, A.
Change of Splittings in the Pulsating Subdwarf Balloon 090100001 607 Baran, A.; Oreiro, R.; Pigulski, A.; Perez, F.; Ulla, A.; Garrido, R.; Rodriguez, C.; Monserrat, T.; Fox Machado, L.; Gonzales, J.M.; Reed, M.; Zhou, A.Y.; Harms, S.; Eggen, J.R.; Kim, S.-L.; Crowe, R.; Choo, K.-J.; Chen, W.-P.; Lee, H.-T.; Huan, F.-Y.; Siwak, M.; Koziel, D.; Zola, S.
Time Resolved Spectroscopy of the Multi-Periodic Pulsating Subdwarf B Star PG1605+072 611 Tillich, A.; Heber, U.; O'Toole, S.J.
g-mode Pulsations in sdB stars: a Critical Test of Stellar Opacity 615 Jeffery, C.S; Saio, H.
SDSS J160043.6+074802.9: the First sdO Pulsator 619 Woudt, P.A.; Warner, B.; Kilkenny, D.
Preliminary Results from XCOV25: A New Look at GD 358 623 Provencal, J.L.; Shipman, H.L.; Montgomery, M.H.; Kanaan, A.; Bajan, A.; The WET Team
The Hottest Known DBV White Dwarf 629 Sullivan, D.J.; Metcalfe, T.S.; O'Donoghue, D.; Winget, D.E.; Kilkenny, D.; van Wyk, F.; Kanaan, A.; Kepler, S.O.; Nitta, A.; Kawaler, S.D.; Montgomery, M.H.; Nather, R.E.; Steeghs, D.; Koester, D.; Bergeron, P.; O'Brien, M.S.; Wood, M.; Jiang, X.J.; Leibowitz, E.M.; Ibbetson, P.; Zola, S.; Krzesinski, J.; Pajdosz, G.; Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.; Chevreton, M.
Using Non-Sinusoidal Light Curves of Multi-Periodic Pulsators to Constrain Convection 635 Montgomery, M.H.
Abell 43 and PG 0122+200: a Look at the Beginning and at the End of the PG 1159 Instability Strip 641 Vauclair, G.; Solheim, J.-E.; Fu, J.-N.; Chevreton, M.; Dolez, N.; O'Brien, M.S.; Mukadam, A.S.; Kim, S.-L.; Park, B.-G.; Handler, G.; Medupe, R.; Wood, M.; Gonzalez Perez, J.; Hashimoto, O.; Kinugasa, K.; Taguchi, H.; Kambe, E.; Dobrovolskas, V.; Provencal, J.L.; Dreizler, S.; Schuh, S.; Leibowitz, E.M.; Lipkin, Y.; Zhang, X.-B.; Paparo, M.; Szeidl, B.; Viraghalmy, G.; Zsuffa, D.
The Boundaries of the GW Vir Stars in the Effective Temperature - Surface Gravity Domain 649 Quirion, P.-O.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.
Back Matter   
Volume 372 Back Matter 655 Napiwotzki, R.; Burleigh, M.R.
Volume 372 Photographs 999 Napiwotzki, R.; Burleigh, M.R.