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Paper: Using Non-Sinusoidal Light Curves of Multi-Periodic Pulsators to Constrain Convection
Volume: 372, 15th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 635
Authors: Montgomery, M.H.
Abstract: We demonstrate how pulsating white dwarfs can be used as astrophysical laboratories for empirically constraining convection in these stars. We do this using a technique for fitting observed non-sinusoidal light curves, which allows us to recover the thermal response timescale of the convection zone (its "depth") as well as how this timescale changes as a function of instantaneous effective temperature. We present results of previous fits to the mono-periodic pulsators G29−38 and PG1351+489, and we discuss the added complexity associated with modeling multi-periodic pulsators. The multi-periodic DBV GD358 was the subject of the successful recent WET/DARC campaign, and the preliminary fits shown here represent the first such fits for a multi-periodic pulsator.
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