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Paper: The First PG1159 Close Binary System
Volume: 372, 15th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 491
Authors: Schuh, S.; Nagel, T.
Abstract: The archival spectrum of SDSS J212531.92−010745.9 shows not only the typical signature of a PG1159 star, but also indicates the presence of a companion. With time-series photometry of SDSS J212531.92−010745.9 during 10 nights, spread over one month, with the Tübingen 80 cm and the Göttingen 50 cm telescopes, the binary nature of this object has recently been proven. An orbital period of 6.9 h could be determined, and the observed light curve fitted with the nightfall program. A comparison of the spectrum of SDSS J212531.92−010745.9 with NLTE models further constrained the light curve solution. We emphasise that this is the first system of this kind which will allow a dynamical mass determination for a PG1159 star.
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