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Paper: IRAF in the Nineties
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 173
Authors: Tody, Doug
Abstract: The IRAF system (Image Reduction and Analysis Facility) has been under development since 1981 and in use since 1984. Currently, in 1992, IRAF is a mature system with hundreds of applications which is in wide use within the astronomical community. After a brief look at the current state of IRAF, this paper focuses on how the IRAF system is expected to develop during the coming decade. Certain key new technologies or trends which any new data analysis system will need to deal with to be viable in the nineties and beyond are discussed. An overview of the planned enhancements to the IRAF system software is presented, including work in the areas of image data structures, database facilities, networking and distributed applications, display interfaces, and user interfaces.
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