Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Volume: 52 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Hanisch, R. J.; Brissenden, R. J. V.; Barnes, J.
ISBN: 0-937707-71-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-388-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Archiving Data from Ground-Based Observatories 3 Albrecht, Miguel A.
The Digital Archive of the International Halley Watch 13 Klinglesmith, D. A., III; Niedner, M. B., Jr.; Grayzeck, E.; Aronsson, M.; Newburn, R. L.; Warnock, A., III
The NSO FTS Database Program and Archive (FTSDBM) 18 Lytle, D. M.
DENIS---DEep Near Infrared Survey of the Southern Sky 21 Deul, Erik R.
Miyun 232 MHz Survey I Fields Centred at: alpha : 00(h) 41(m) , delta : 41(deg) 12(') and alpha : 07(h) 00(m) , delta : 35(deg) 00(') 26 Xizhen, Zhang; Yijia, Zheng; Hongsheng, Chen; Shouguan, Wang
Wide-Field Direct CCD Observations Supporting the Astro-1 Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope 31 Smith, Eric P.; Hintzen, Paul; Cheng, K.-P.; Angione, Ronald; Talbert, Freddie
STARBASE: Database Software for the Automated Plate Scanner 34 Odewahn, S. C.; Humphreys, R. M.; Thurmes, P.
SKICAT: A Cataloging and Analysis Tool for Wide Field Imaging Surveys 39 Weir, Nicholas; Fayyad, Usama M.; Djorgovski, S.; Roden, Joseph C.; Rouquette, Nicolas
SIMBAD Quality-Control 45 Lesteven, Soizick
The Cool-Star Spectral Catalog: A Uniform Collection of IUE SWP-LOs 51 Ayres, T.; Lenz, D.; Burton, R.; Bennett, J.
The EUVE Proposal Database 56 Christian, C. A.; Olson, E. C.
The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Archive 61 Drake, Jeremy J.; Dobson, Carl; Polomski, Elisha
Quality Control of EUVE Databases 66 John, Linda M.
The EXOSAT Database and Archive 70 Reynolds, A. P.; Parmar, Arvind
Evaluation of Relational Database Packages for use in Astronomy 77 Page, C. G.; Davenhall, A. C.
A Generic Archive Protocol and an Implementation 82 Jordan, J. M.; Jennings, D. G.; McGlynn, T. A.; Ruggiero, N. G.; Serlemitsos, T. A.
Some Practicable Applications of Quadtree Data Structures/Representation in Astronomy 87 Pasztor, Laszlo
Data Indexing Techniques for the EUVE All-Sky Survey 92 Lewis, James W.; Dobson, Carl A.; Saba, Vince
A Distributed Clients/Distributed Servers Model for STARCAT 95 Pirenne, B.; Albrecht, M.; Durand, D.; Gaudet, S.
StarView: The Object Oriented Design of the ST DADS User Interface 100 Williams, J.
Integrating a Local Database into the StarView Distributed User Interface 104 Silberberg, D.
Recommendations for a Service Framework to Access Astronomical Archives 108 Travisano, J. J.; Pollizzi, J. A.
Managing an Archive of Weather Satellite Images 113 Seaman, Rob
Electronic Publishing & Advanced Information Retrieval 121 Heck, Andre
Intelligent Text Retrieval in the NASA Astrophysics Data System 132 Kurtz, M. J.; Karakashian, T.; Grant, C. S.; Eichhorn, G.; Murray, S. S.; Watson, J. M.; Ossorio, P. G.; Stoner, J. L.
STELAR: an Experiment in the Electronic Distribution of Astronomical Literature 137 Warnock, A.; van Steenberg, M. E.; Brotzman, L. E.; Gass, J. E.; Kovalsky, D.; Giovane, F.
C++, Objected-Oriented Programming, and Astronomical Data Models 145 Farris, A.
On AIPS++, A New Astronomical Information Processing System 156 Croes, G. A.
Programmability in AIPS++ 167 Hjellming, R. M.
IRAF in the Nineties 173 Tody, Doug
Scientific Computing in the 1990s---an Astronomical Perspective 184 Adorf, Hans-Martin
Neural Networks: Letting Your Software Think for Itself 189 Bazell, D.; Bankman, I.
Khoros Software Specification Format and Interoperability 194 Rots, A. H.
An Object-Oriented Data Reduction System in FORTRAN 199 Bailey, Jeremy
The Keck Keyword Layer 203 Conrad, A. R.; Lupton, W. F.
A New Programming Metaphor For Image Processing Procedures 208 Smirnov, O. M.; Piskunov, N. E.
SPPTOOLS: Programming Tools for the IRAF SPP Language 213 Fitzpatrick, Michael J.
The Evolution of the FIGARO Data Reduction System 219 Shortridge, K.
Multi-frequency Data Analysis Software on STARLINK 224 Allan, P. M.
The STARLINK Software Collection 229 Warren-Smith, R. F.; Wallace, P. T.
ROSAT Data Analysis with EXSAS 233 Zimmermann, H. U.; Belloni, T.; Izzo, C.; Kahabka, P.; Schwentker, O.
PROS: an IRAF Based System for Analysis of X-ray Data 238 Conroy, M. A.; Deponte, J.; Moran, J. F.; Orszak, J. S.; Roberts, W. P.; Schmidt, D.
The ALEXIS Data Processing Package: an Update 243 Bloch, J. J.; Smith, B. W.; Edwards, B. C.
The IDL Astronomy User's Library 246 Landsman, W. B.
GRO/EGRET Data Analysis Software: an Integrated System of Custom and Commercial Software Using Standard Interfaces 249 Laubenthal, N. A.; McDonald, L.; Sreekumar, P.; Bertsch, D.; Etienne, A.; Lal, N.; Mattox, J.; Nolan, P.; Fierro, J.
The ISO-SWS Off-Line System 254 Roelfsema, P. R.; Kester, D. J. M.; Wesselius, P. R.; Sym, N.; Leech, K.; Wieprech, E.
PcIPS 2.0: Powerful Multiprofile Image Processing Implemented On PCs 259 Smirnov, O. M.; Piskunov, N. E.
The VLBA Correlator---Real-Time in the Distributed ERA 267 Wells, Donald C.
CCD Data Acquisition Systems at Lick and Keck Observatories 277 Kibrick, R. I.; Stover, R. J.; Conrad, A. R.
The U. H. Institute for Astronomy CCD Camera Control System 289 Jim, K. T. C.; Yamada, H. T.; Luppino, G. A.; Hlivak, R. J.
The Data Acquisition System for the AAO 2-Degree Field Project 295 Shortridge, K.; Farrell, T. J.; Bailey, J. A.
Wilbur: A Low-Cost CCD System for MDM Observatory 300 Metzger, Mark R.; Tonry, John L.; Luppino, Gerard A.
The ADAM Environment and Transputers 305 Kelly, B. D.; McNally, B. V.; Stewart, J. M.
AXAF VETA X-ray Data Acquisition and Control System 310 Brissenden, R. J. V.; Jones, M. T.; Ljungberg, M.; Nguyen, D. T.; Roll, J. B., Jr.
The Keck Task Library (KTL) 315 Lupton, W. F.; Conrad, A. R.
Efficient Transfer of Images over Networks 321 Percival, J. W.; White, R. L.
The Application of Artificial Intelligence to Astronomical Scheduling Problems 329 Johnston, Mark D.
The Application of SPIKE to ASTRO-D Mission Planning 340 Isobe, T.; Johnston, M.; Morgan, E.; Clark, G.
Happy Families of AXAF Software 347 Mandel, E.; Brissenden, R. J. V.; Freeman, M.; Nguyen, D.; Roll, J.
Tools from the IDL Widget Set within the X Windows Environment 353 Turgeon, Benoit
GUIs in the ESO-MIDAS Environment 357 Ballester, P.; Banse, K.
The MIDAS Table File System and the Data Organizer 362 Peron, M.; Grosbol, P.
An IDL-Based Analysis Package for COBE and Other Skycube-Formatted Astronomical Data 367 Ewing, John A.; Isaacman, Richard; Gales, Joel M.; Chintala, Sarada; Kryszak-Servin, Peter; Galuk, Kevin G.
GammaCore: The Compton Observatory Research Environment 373 McGlynn, T.; Jordan, J.; Jennings, D.; Ruggiero, N.; Serlemitsos, T.
Writing Instrument Interfaces with Xf/Tk/Tcl 379 Henden, Arne A.
An Object-Oriented Approach for Supporting Both Terminal and X Interfaces 382 Johnson, J.
The HEASARC Graphical User Interface 387 White, N.; Barrett, P.; Jacobs, P.; O'Neel, B.
MOSAIC: an IDL Software Package for Manipulating Collections of Images 393 Varosi, F.; Gezari, D. Y.
A Technique for Stacking Digitized Photographic Plates 398 Bland-Hawthorn, Jonathan; Shopbell, Patrick L.
Registering and Resampling Images in STSDAS 403 Williamson, Ramon L., II
Experiments with Recursive Estimation in Astronomical Image Processing 408 Busko, I.
Multiresolution Analysis in Two or More Dimensions 413 Bromley, B. C.
Computation of Flat Fields for the HST Wide Field/Planetary Camera 418 Hsu, J.-C.; Ritchie, C. E.
New Software For the IRAF Stellar Photometry Package 420 Davis, L. E.
Detection of X-ray Sources with PROS 425 Deponte, Janet; Primini, Francis A.
Spatial Region Filtering in IRAF/PROS 430 Mandel, E.; Roll, J.; Schmidt, D.; Vanhilst, M.; Burg, R.
ASpect: A New Spectrum and Line Analysis Package 437 Hulbert, S. J.; Eisenhamer, J. D.; Levay, Z. G.; Shaw, R. A.
Adaptive Filtering of Echelle Spectra of Distant Quasars 442 Priebe, A.; Liebscher, D.-E.; Lorenz, H.; Richter, G.-M.
The IRAF Fabry-Perot Analysis Package: The Incomplete Phase Surface 447 Shopbell, Patrick L.; Bland-Hawthorn, Jonathan; Cecil, Gerald
SPECFOCUS: an IRAF Task for Focusing Spectrographs 452 Valdes, Francisco
Interactive Spectral Analysis and Computation (ISAAC) 457 Lytle, D. M.
Factor Analysis as a Tool for Spectral Line Component Separation 462 Toth, L. Viktor; Mattila, Kalevi; Haikala, Lauri; Balazs, Lajos G.
The IRAF/NOAO Spectral World Coordinate Systems 467 Valdes, Francisco
The IRAF Radial Velocity Analysis Package 472 Fitzpatrick, Michael J.
PHOTCAL: The IRAF Photometric Calibration Package 479 Davis, L. E.; Gigoux, P.
Verification of the PROS Timing Analysis Package 484 Manning, K. R.; Conroy, M. A.; Deponte, J.; Moran, J. F.; Primini, F. A.; Seward, F. D.; Aschenbach, B.
Constraining Galactic Structure Parameters from Multivariate Density Estimation 489 Chen, B.; Creze, M.; Robin, A. C.; Bienayme, O.
Tests of a Simple Data Merging Algorithm for the GONG Project 494 Williams, W.; Hill, F.; Toner, C.
SKYMAP: Exploring the Universe in Software 499 Mink, Douglas J.
Guide Star Catalog Data Retrieval Software II 504 Smirnov, O. M.; Malkov, O. Yu.
Enhancements to IRAF/STSDAS Graphics 508 Eisenhamer, J. D.; Levay, Z. G.
An IDL Based Image Deconvolution Software Package 515 Varosi, F.; Landsman, W. B.
MEM Package for Image Restoration in IRAF 520 Wu, Nailong
HST Image Restoration: Current Results and Post- Servicing Mission Prospects 524 Hanisch, Robert J.; Mo, Jinger
Deconvolution of HST WFPC Images using Simulated PSFs 530 Krist, J.; Hasan, H.
Telescope Image Modelling Software in STSDAS 533 Hodge, P. E.; Eisenhamer, J. D.; Shaw, R. A.; Williamson, R. L., II
Tiny Tim : an HST PSF Simulator 536 Krist, J.
FTOOLS---A FITS Utility Package for Multiple Environments 541 Pence, W.; Blackburn, J. K.; Greene, E.
FITS Data Conversion Efforts at the Compton Observatory Science Support Center 543 Jennings, D. G.; Jordan, J. M.; McGlynn, T. A.; Ruggiero, N. G.; Serlemitsos, T. A.
The ROSAT Implementation of a Proposed Multi-Mission X-ray Data Format 549 Corcoran, M. F.; Pence, W.; White, R.; Conroy, M.
A Self-Defining Hierarchical Data System 553 Bailey, Jeremy
IRAF Port to the DEC Alpha Machine 561 Zarate, Nelson
Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Networked Workstations as a Parallel Processing Computer 566 Breen, J. O.; Meleedy, D. M.
A Low-Cost Vector Processor for Speeding-Up Compute-Intensive Image Processing 570 Adorf, Hans-Martin