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Paper: ASpect: A New Spectrum and Line Analysis Package
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 437
Authors: Hulbert, S. J.; Eisenhamer, J. D.; Levay, Z. G.; Shaw, R. A.
Abstract: During the next two years we will write a new spectral analysis package, ASpect, that will incorporate analysis techniques for astronomical spectra in all wavelength domains. ASpect will: operate on spectra from a wide variety of ground-based and space-based instruments, spanning wavelengths from radio to gamma rays; accommodate non-linear dispersion relations; provide a variety of functions, individually or in combination, with which to fit spectral features and the continuum; mask known bad data; and propagate uncertainties throughout the calculations in order for astronomers to evaluate the reliability of results. Most importantly, this new package will provide a powerful, intuitive user interface to handle the burden of data input/output (I/O), on-line ``help", selection of relevant features for analysis, plotting and graphical interaction, and data base management, all in a comprehensible environment.
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