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Paper: Wilbur: A Low-Cost CCD System for MDM Observatory
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 300
Authors: Metzger, Mark R.; Tonry, John L.; Luppino, Gerard A.
Abstract: We describe ``Wilbur'', a CCD camera constructed for the Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT Observatory. The camera system hardware was constructed using existing designs for the dewar and control electronics and a commercially available control computer. The requirements for new hardware design was reduced to a simple interface, allowing us to keep the cost low and produce a working system on the telescope in under three months. New software written for operation of the camera consists of several individual components which provide data acquisition from the CCD, control of the telescope, and operation of auxiliary instruments. The hardware and software are modular, giving the flexibility to operate with other existing and future detectors at the observatory. The software also provides advanced CCD readout features such as shutterless video and drift scanning, and can be operated remotely from other computers over an IP-based network.
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