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Paper: Excitation of Emission-Line Regions in Radio Galaxies
Volume: 54, The First Stromlo Symposium: The Physics of Active Galaxies
Page: 371
Authors: Koekemoer, Anton M.; Bicknell, G. V.; Dopita, M. A.
Abstract: We investigate the viability of strong shocks as an excitation mechanism for extended emission-line regions (EELRs) in radio galaxies. Detailed spectroscopy is presented for EELRs in two FR II sources, PKS 0349-27 and PKS 2356-61. We show that the EELR luminosities and linewidths can be consistently described by the shock ionization model presented in Bicknell (1991) and Sutherland et al. (1993). In addition, it is difficult to reconcile the EELR morphologies and implied large opening angles with the observed nuclear flux, if the EELRs were photoionized by the nucleus as required in unified schemes. Each source is a `classical' FR II radio double; PKS 0349-27 has a power log P(1.4GHz) = 26.6 W/Hz and has been mapped with the VLA by Baum (1987) and Caganoff (1989). PKS 2356-61 has log P(1.4GHz) = 26.9 W/Hz; it has been imaged in detail with the Australia Telescope (Koekemoer et al. 1993).
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